About Coupon Machine Social Work

What is social work

Social work is basically a code of ethics created to allow professionals to create a better, more serene living environment for all people in the planet. Though initially social work is meant to be helpful to an individual, today, it is help channeled to communities, which allows community members to benefit. It addresses both private and public problems.

Social work has the primary mission of enhancing the well- being of human persons by helping the meet their basic human needs. Social work pays closer attention to the needs of the more vulnerable, oppressed and poor people in a community setting; promoting social justice and social change. It focusses on creating, contributing to and  addressing the problems of living is a particular society.

Why we do social works

At coupon machine, we are concerned about the well- being of our customers because without them we would not be in business. We therefore give back to the community through social work. We try to show our appreciation for the loyalty and support offered by our many clients through giving back. We are looking to make the life of every individual in India better, creating a better environment in which we can all exist and flourish. In the long run, life is all about the impacts that were made in the life of another person who needed our help and we could do something about it.

Translation services

In our journey towards creating an informed and elite community of people, we are involved in the provision of translation services to open source websites. The reason the services is only for open source websites is because we want to make sure that everyone who needs the translation everywhere in the world will get it. Our aim is to help as many people as possible with our services and allow as many people as possible to learn.

Do you need a word or sentence translated? Send the word or sentence to coupon info@couponmachine.in  to get the translation for free.

More than 2000 educational and government pages were translated by us.


Our scholarship program

Our biggest aim is to ensure that we have a learned generation of people regardless of their backgrounds. We want to ensure even in the cases where a student cannot pay student fees, they still get a person who is willing to pay it for them and help them achieve their educational dreams. For this reasons, and more, coupon machine is offering a scholarship worth $1000 to one lucky student who wants to achieve their educational dreams and can keep high grades in the process.


The blood donation camps

For these many reasons, coupon machine decided to look at several ways in which, it, as an online operating company could do better and improve the lives of all individuals. In January 2015, coupon machine organized a blood donation camp where a lot of people turned up o donate their blood. This was an act of human kindness to all the individuals all over India who are involved in accidents and have not blood donor in the immediate family or where they got an accident far from home and the family may take time to arrive. In this camp, a lot of pints of blood were donated and saved in the blood bank. We are keen to ensure that our clients and their families stay alive and have fruitful lives as they allow us to serve them.


Donations to charities and NGO’s

In addition to the blood donation camps organized by the company, we are also involved in donations to charity. Our belief of extending and sharing what we have with those who do not have and  those who need it more has compelled us to be more involved in donations to charity. Such donations go towards projects of educating orphaned children in villages, educating children in families that are not able to educate them. The funds are also used for many other purposes in a bid to improve and create a sustainable living for the people.

We have also been involved in feeding programs where we partner with NGOs to provide free lunches to communities. This is a great project aimed at keeping the community health and  providing occasional meals for those who cannot afford them or those that want to save money for something else. These feeding programs witness huge turn ups of crowds of people who enjoy the meals provided and the hefty servings given. We also believe that communities that eat together stay together and therefore we provide this opportunities for NGOs to know each other and share ideas and even became friends.

Event promotions

We have also been involved in the promotion of movies that have a storyline that will affect Indians. Recently we were involved in the promotion of the movie “bham Bholeam” that saw its ratings increase. It also gave time to the customers and lovers of the actors and actresses of the movie to hear what the storyline of the movie was about from the director of the movie and some of the cast. This was a great opportunity created by the company for to create a new consumer base.

Help to even the government

Our calling s not just to help the people, we also help the government provide better services to its people. We care about the kind of information the government offers and are therefore helping the government  keep an informed and elite people in the country. We do this by providing our design team to provide solutions to government websites when they are down, help the government design websites for the different ministries and different content to be displayed. We also have writers who provide content and images to the government’s website free of charge. Because we care for the people, we want the government to serve them better by providing up- to- date information and business ideas.