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Straight out of Mumbai, India, Abof is one of India’s leading up and coming fashion on-line retailers. With the latest available range of women’s and men’s fashion, you can stay stylish and up to date with Abof. Use Abof coupons and enjoy your shopping today.

Founded and launched in October 2015, Abof is a privately owned company held by Aditya Birla Group, Abof sells products from parent company Aditya Birla Group. They stock brands namely Peter England, Pantaloons, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Louis Philippe alongside external brands. The company caters for various style, tastes and fashion enthusiasts.

The name Abof speaks for itself, being an acronym for “all about fashion”.

In November 2015 Abof partnered with a virtual fitting room called Metail, that allows you to choose your body shape and size, everything from your hairstyle, length, weight, bust size and hip size in order to get a clearer look of what the item you potentially want to buy will look like on you. The virtual fitting room captures the realism so you don’t end up buying something online that looks good on the models but looks terrible on you, this way you can get a taste of what you are buying. Metail is definitely upscaling the fashion industry by bringing this tech to light as people all over the world will have less of the issue of returning items if they knew possibly what it looked like on, before purchasing it.

Most on-line shops have walk-in stores that you can purchase items from, but Abof is an exclusively on-line company that offers high end fashion at the most affordable rates.

What does Abof have to offer?

Abof has a wide range of fashion accessories, handbags, tracksuits, pants, shoes, blouses, shirts, bags and wallets and even ethnic wear. It is a place you can get lost in, alongside the virtual fitting room making it fun to dress up your little mannequin that could have been your mini twin. It is easy to see why Abof has started with a bang! Regardless if you are a man or a woman, we all enjoy dressing up a little mini me to see how fabulous an outfit may or may not make you look.

Abof also runs great sales and offer up to 65% off on some of their items! 65% off is a major discount and alongside a Coupon Machine coupons, Discount deals that allows you to get even more discount. You can look fabulous every day of the week and at the fraction of the cost. Also with a wide range of ethnic fashion inspired by culture, you can always dress your best at all occasions.

Abof helping the community

Abof is helping the community one child at a time.

Planet Superheroes and Kritzels in association with Feed India are aiming to help feed the hungry children in India, this offer is exclusive to Abof. You too can be a hunger hero!

How you may ask can you join this amazing initiative? By purchasing Kritzels T-shirt on Abof of course! A portion of the sales gets contributed to the Feeding India foundation (FI is a NGO initiative) in the pursuit to help make India a hunger free zone.

  1. With your contribution that’s already inclusive of the price you pay for the Kritzels T-shirts you purchase, the funds are sent to Feeding India foundation.
  2. Feeding India purchases healthy and clean food and takes it to shelters where it can be distributed to the hungry children of India.

By purchasing a Kritzels branded T-shirt, exclusively to Abof, you are essentially providing a meal for a little person in need.

But wait, what is a Kritzel? A Kritzel is an imaginary character that was thought up and drawn on the sandwich bags of David Laferriere’s childrens’ lunches, the creatures are meant to symbolize love, friendship and trust, it also symbolises hungry little monsters that need food. An interesting and cute initiative that captivate little growing minds. David Laferriere started these as an affectionate token of love for his children, making it fun for them to want to open their lunch. Over the years the Kritzels have become more than just a gesture of love and affection for his children, the Kritzels have helped feed many mouths. David Laferriere has drawn more than 1500 unique Kritzels alongside catchy phrases and it hasn’t stopped there, with new Kritzels being designed every day, this unique and funky T would want to make you want to own one.

Amazing right!

With all these amazing offerings, the range is so vast that you would want to shop at Abof and not have the need to shop anywhere else ever again.

So how would you break this down? By simply shopping, having fun and using your Abof coupons you can stock up on the latest fashion items and help the needy.

Abof site

Abof Coupons

On the Abof site, navigation is simple and straight forward so in order to find what you are looking for will not be a tedious task but a breeze.

Abof also has blog articles on their home page, where you can find the latest fashion tips, for example how to dress, what to wear, style tips for men and woman. Latest fashion news is also to be found on the home page of Abof where you can keep up to date on what is trending in the celebrity world and how to copy their look.

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