Wearing Fitted Jeans To Work

Life today is all about work, more work and oh more work. We are all about the money we can make the money we did not make the money we could have made and how busy our days are. At the office the dress code involve a suit and tie for men and stilettoes and suits for women. In the end we find that we have jeans that we do not wear because we are in the office Monday to Saturday and Sunday we are too tired to wake up and go out so we decide to sleep in all day. Or we have jeans but they are a little too old to go clubbing with. Instead of wasting good jeans or looking so official all day everyday, it is time we took advantage of the casual Friday and Saturdays.

  1. Wear fitting jeans

There is no reason to wear the kind of jeans that you would go with to the club. If they are too tight, you run the risk of looking too casual, if they are too loose you run the risk of looking outdated. If you are a woman, remember there is no reason why you should wear baggy mom jeans when there are so many denim jeans going around at affordable prices.

  1. Pay attention to your shoes

For women, remember it is never casual enough to wear flat shoes to work especially if they look casual. Black leather flat shoes may be fine but if you are wearing jeans to work consider wearing stilettoes, not only will they make you feel great, they will also look official. For men you can pair the jeans with sneakers or dress shoes. They will look better.

  1. Choose your jacket wisely

The jacket or blazer you decide to pair your jeans with should be chosen carefully so that you do not end up looking like you wear heading for a party and just decided to pop in to work for a few minutes. Ensure that the blazer has a neutral color brown, blue or black work best. Ensure that the blazer I cut to be fitting but not too unofficial.

  1. Pay attention to the color of your jeans

The color of the jeans you decide to wear is very important. Do not wear brightly colored jeans. Imagine what you would think if you walked into an office and found a person wearing yellow or red jeans to work. Choose colors like black or blue and wear them nicely so that the match with your top and jacket so that you look classy and trendy.

  1. Accessorize

Remember to accessorize your clothes with shinny jewelry and make up. Do not wear too much makeup though, it may be casual Friday but you are still going to work. For men remember to accessorize with that shinny, expensive looking watch you have and may be a necklace.

However, you decide to wear, remember work doesn’t always have to be so serious. If you put in a dash of casual clothing, it becomes a fun place to work and be.