Top 80 Sher O Shayari Blogs


You can never be tired of good quality sher o shayari and it can always lift your soul and provide happiness. But often the challenge is it is difficult to find a list of quality and truly updated list of sher that can be truly enjoyable. Keeping in mind exactly that fact we have collated a list of the top 100 sher o shayari blog. These blogs have been shortlisted on the basis of the quality of the content as well as their popularity. However it is in no particular ascending or descending order and every blog as good as the other in terms of the distinct variety of sher o shairi they post.

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1) Geeta Kavita –

As the name indicate, this site is replete with verses of Bhagvad Geeta and also has a reasonable amount of sher which its followers can enjoy.

2) Updatepedia –

This one has one of the best collection of two-line shayeri and there is a wide range of topics and emotions on which the shayeri is based.

3) Farhan Alam –

The success of this blog is again based on the power of two line shayeri which no doubt make for compelling reading bring in a depth of feelings.

4) Saavan –

This is considered to be one of the best platforms to publish original Urdu and Hindi shayeri and ranks quite high on the popularity chart.

5) Hindi Love Poems –

This contains original Hindi and Urdu shayeri on love and romance. It also provides customized poetry collection.

6) Jagran Junction Blog –

A collection created by several willing artists, this one has sher on not just love an dromance but also many social issues.

7) Full Masti –

As the name suggests, it is a treasure trove of sher o shayari on a wide range of topics. There are romantic, happy and funny shayari in this site.

8) Hindilok –

Though this one is not a strictly sher o shayari platform, it has a liberal dose of shayari as well as news, jokes and many other elements.

9) Desi Poetry –

From the best romantic poetry of 2016 to the best collection of sad shayeri, this is the ultimate shayari destination. There is also a generous dose of funny ones on a variety of topic.

10) Sachi Dosti –

This is a Pakistani Urdu shayari forum. Readers have the option to both write as well as read urdu shayari of their choice.

11) Jazba –

Inspirational and motivational shayeri constitutes the hallmark of this blog. Original shayeri written in Hindi and urdu no doubt attract a lot of eye balls on this blog.

12) Urdu & Hindi Shayari –

As the name itself explains, there is a liberal dose of both hindi and urdu shayeri on this site. Most of this shayeri belong to the hindi genre.

13) All SEO Buzz – Funny Shayari –

It has a host of funny shayeri in both urdu and hindi. This is a pleasant variation from most shayeri blogs which speciliase in romantic compositions.

14) Sher O Shayari –

This could very well be the ultimate shayari avenue on the virtual medium. From shayeri on life to love poems to undeniably emotional and soulful numbers, the range of shayeri is simply fabulous.

15) Ranjish Shayari –

From the top 100 shayari to shayari competitions and customized shayari you have it all under one platform in this site.

16) Poetrypk –

It has a collection of Urdu and Hindi shayari. There is also a collection of 140 words sher which are just appropriate many social network sites like Twitter.

17) Anubhuti –

Specialising in poetry of all types, this site also has a fair dose of sher o shayari. This site specializes in Hindi compositions across genres.

18) Jakhira –

If there was one site that could truly encompass the spirit of urdu sher o shayari, it surely is this one with its generous dose of romantic as well as sad compositions.

19) Guldasta –

This is yet another Pakistani multi-utility website which has indepth sher o shayari collection in urdu.

20) Urdu Poetry –

Every aspect of urdu poetry finds a place on this site. It has a stupendous range of nazm, ghazal, sher o shayari to name a few.

21) Hindi Sahitya –

This site provides free publishing facility to original compositions and is a great opportunity to budding shayers who want to make their mark and want their works to be read.

22) Urdu Youth Forum –

Developed by a Bihar NGO, this site is dedicated to the development of urdu language. It has urdu ghazal& couplets of 1300-2000 century poets, details biography of urdu writers and a huge collection of shayari.

23) Hindi Thoughts –

Everything that falls under the hindi original creative genre finds an expression on this site. This includes poetry, shayeri and all other melodious expression.

24) Urdu Poetry Site –

A dedicated urdu sher o shayari website, A lovely collection of urdu shayari written in urdu lends it a unique authenticity.

25) Urdu Risala –

It is one of the best urdu webportal providing best of urdu literature, urdu article including politics, showbiz, science, business, education, urdu poetry, urdu afsaney, short stories, free novels, free books.

26) Azkalam –

It is a collection of urdu poetry and shayari collection from masters like Amir Khusro, Allama Iqbal, Bullel Shah.

27) Urdu Keeper –

It is a comprehensive collection of urdue shayari, ghazals and there are options available for every emotion from funny to sad.

28) Rare Poetry –

Apart from romantic shayeri you also have a wide collection of sad glazals and sher. Additionally they also have a reasonable collection of English poetry.

29)Urdu –

What makes this blog stand out is this one has a comprehensive urdu to English dictionary. All the amazing urdu shayeri that it contains can be easily enjoyed by even those who do not understand the language very well.

30) Aruuz –

A completely urdu site , here the shayeri is also written in urdu and this is essentially for people who have deep set interest in urdu sher o shayari.

31) Urdu Magazine –

This is an ideal destination for first time shayari enthusiasts as well as veteran shayari lovers. It is also a perfect platform for shayars who want to contribute their work and get it published.

32) Urdu Shayari –

In a few words this blog is a shayari lover’s paradise created by those who enjoy shayari and the quality of the compositions which find place reflects it amply.

33) Urdupoint –

As the name suggests, it sure is your ultimate urdu point with details of several urdu shayari of different types, emotion and variety.

34) Urdushanas –

It is a family entertainment urdu forum which promotes designed urdu poetry

35) Fantasy Poetry –

This site takes the readers on a flight to fantasy woven out of lilting urdu verses and melodious urdu shairy.

36) Best Urdu Poetry :

Read the best urdu sher /shayari from across the world and you can even share them through your mobile or tablet.

37) Urdu Poetry Images :

This is a perfect place to look for urdu sher or shairi of every colour, emotion and feelings.

38) Sher O Shayari :

As the name says it is about all things sher o shayari. From the original postings to the works of celebrated masters you get it all in this site.

39) Salam Urdu :

A true salam to Urdu literature, this blog has a generous helping of both original urdu shayari as well as that of masters of Urdu literature.

40) Yes Urdu :

Though predominantly a news site, this one has a significant part dedicated to Urdu sher o shayari and its various genres.

41) 2 Line Hindi Shayari :

If those who enjoy sher o shayari in Hindi are feeling left out than this is the best place for them. The added benefit is this site is updated regularly so there is always a fresh batch of sher waiting for you.

42) Tawalkhor :

This one has one of the best collection of Hindi shayari. It is not just in the romantic genre but also humorous ones.

43) Hindi Shayari :

From romantic and emotional shayari about love to sad sher, this one has a comprehensive Hindi shayari collection that any true connoisseur of poetry would enjoy.

44) Urdu Tehzeb :

A Pakistani Urdu forum it has a host of Urdu shayeri along with Urdu tutorials. This helps you to simultaneously appreciate and understand the language and get deeper insights into the sher.

45) Fresh SMS :

As the name suggests, fresh is the buzz word. You get regularly updated totally fresh love shayari everyday on this site.

46) Masti Sms :

If fun filled love shayari is your cup of tea, this is the right site to look at for the best and most explicit sher.

47) Jazbat :

As the name implies, this site addresses your emotional side and stirs your feelings or emotions or in other words the ‘jazbat’ through the beautiful romantic shayari.

48) True Shayari :

If you prefer Hindi shayari in devnagari font, then perhaps you need to try this blog for the best and latest and in your preferred font.

49) World Of Urdu Poetry :

Quiet in keeping with its name you are transported to a world of urdu sher o shairi on this blog.

50) Hindi Shayari :

If you wanted to floor your loved one with some soul stirring sher, you need to turn to this blog for the best you could imagine.

51) Rdshayari :

The colour that we could bring to every gathering through the power of poetry lies herein this one. Go and explore the depths of Hindi shayari in this blog.

52) Urdu Sad Poetry :

Often the power of poetry lies in evoking our saddest thoughts, of purging our souls of deepest fears. You can unleash this power with Urdu sad shayari from this blog.

53) Shayari Club :

It has a collection of 1000+ shayari from across the world and gives you a sher for every occasion.

54) Poetry One :

You have one of the best collections of Hindi and urdu shayari along with the best selection of English poems too.

55) Jakhira :

It is a brilliant collection of urdu romantic shayari that can brighten the dullest of days.

56) Yo India :

A premium Indian shayari forum it has a happy mix of various kinds of sher in both Hindi and Urdu.

57) iHindi Shairi :

Hindi shayari that is capable of addressing every aspect of your being is what sets this blog apart from the rest.

58) Circle Of India :

Along with a generous dose of news and gossip, this blog has a significantly interesting range of shayari.

59) Hindi Sahitya Darpan:

This one is a comprehensive guide to all forms of Hindi literature including Hindi Shayari.

60) Urdu Maza :

This blog celebrates everything that is Urdu including top class Urdu shayari that can be always a pleasure to read.

61) Urdu Poetry :

This blog features some of the best names in Urdu Shayari like Meer Taqui Meer and the like and also helps you to learn the ways of appreciating good shayari.

62) Latest Short Urdu Poetry :

It is one of the best Urdu poetry blog with the latest and fresh urdu shayari that can leave you gasping for more.

63) Hindi Shayari :

From super short sher to complicated labirynth of verses woven together as one single sher, this blog celebrates the joy of shayari.

64) Heart Touch Collection :

It is a beautiful and inspiring collection of some absolutely heart touching and emotionally charged sher ever written.

65) Home Of Urdu Shayari :

Online since 2011, this blog claims to be among the best centres of urdu shayari across Pakistan. They have the list of sher very well organized both as per genres and along with the names of the shayars or the poets who composed them.

66) Shayari Club :

Shayari doesn’t always have to be heavy stuff. It can even be written in the lighter vein and bring along some smile to the reader’s face. The name shayari club is quite appropriate as it essentially comprises of like-minded readers who have come together to enjoy great quality shayari.

67) Mehfil Shayari :

Often in gatherings you might not have time to recite a long set of verses but a few lines could sure make an impression and no doubt make heads turn. This is exactly what this blog enables you to with its beautiful collection of 2-line shayari.

68) 2 Line shayari on life  :

One of the most contemporary blogs of Indian and foreign shayars, this blog surely wins the award for being one of the most beautifully presented collection of shayari that can enthrall any type of audience.

69) Hassan’s Blog :

The unique feature of this blog is it is not just a collection of some great urdu shayari but also contains the translation of every one of them. This makes the blog accessible for even people who are not well versed with urdu but do have a sensistive ear towards quality shayari.

70) Poetry Sync :

This blog is all about syncing your feelings with the right set of verses or shayari. The writer of this blog has gone to great depth to bring to you the most commendable and appropriate set of verses.

71) Some Of The Best Sher :

If Mirza Ghalibs shayari could be appreciated by people who do not understand urdu it would ne courtesy blogs like these who are continuously making effort to bring the limelight back to these long lost treasures of the past.

72) Bestghazals :

This one has some of the best selection of Urdu shayari and can very well stay in good steed as among the pall bearers taking Urdu shayari to the next level. It has a good mix of traditional and contemporary artists.

73) Famous Urdu Poetry :

It has a comprehensive collection of Urdu sher o shayari and gives readers a deep insight into the various facets of urdu shayari.

74) Native Pakistan :

Tickling your funny bone remains the hallmark of this site. It has one of the undeniably funny collection of original Urdu sher that you will enjoy reading nonetheless.

75) Tafreh Mella :

Another Pakistani urdu forum, it has a lot of tafreh elements and makes the shayari collection textremely enjoyable for the readers and they always find it refreshing whatever their mental frame might be at that point of time in the day.

76) Friendly Mela :

Yet another Pakistani forum, it has a generous dose of Urdu shayari with a wonder mix of modern and traditional and reflects the contemporary trends in Urdu shayari.

77) Best Urdu Poetry :

This one has a comprehensive collection ranging across genres and creating an enviable collection of some of the greatest Urdu shayari ever written.

78) Shayari Ki KItab :

It has one of the best mix of Hindi and Urdu shayari interspersed with English poetry. The language and genre mix creates a heady concoction of wonderful poetic balance overall.

79) Sad Shayari :

It offers shayari depicting many feelings and different kind of events and challenging the very essence of deep seated sad shayari in Urdu.

80) Jheel Shayari :

This blog highlights a huge collection of love shayari that can light up the soul of any couple believe in love. These verses could add a new dimension to any relationship with these verses.