Top 40 Personal Development and Leadership Blogs

Untitled-43If you are looking for ways to improve upon various aspects of your life, learn more about the world, and how to be successful among the competition at your workplace, then the following 40 blogs we’ve gathered in this article are blogs you should follow. They offer daily or weekly updates and articles dedicated to improving upon yourself as a person, and as a leader in your workplace, and the knowledge you can glean from those articles will help you lead a richer life. The blogs in this list are the best of the best, the articles are written by experts in the matter of self-improvement and leadership. These experts are the best in their respective fields, and the improvement techniques and ways of thinking that they share are testimonials of their own experiences, and it doesn’t surprise in the least that they are followed by millions of people.

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1) Tony Robbins –
Tony Robbins helps people reach breakthroughs and take their lives on another, better level, even if they are already successful in their respective fields. His teachings focus not only on business and personal finance, from him, one can also gain useful tips on maintaining and building intimate relationships with family, significant others and friends. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for more.

2) Brian Tracy –
Brian Tracy has a blog that helps you achieve your personal and business goals fast and easy. There are regular updates about personal development, business success, blog articles, sales training etc. If you want more information, go to his LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook

3) Susan Cain –
Susan Cain is the -founder of Quiet Revolution and the author of bestsellers Quiet Power: The Secret Strenghts of Introverts, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World. She is an honors graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out more about Susan and her work.

4) Gretchen Rubin –
Gretchen Rubin is a famous influential writer on habits and happiness. Her books, Better than Before and The Happiness Project and Happier at Home were both bestsellers. On her website, she writes about test-driving ideas from science and ancient wisdom which have had great impact on the self-improvement field. For more info follow her on her Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

5) Robin Sharma –
Robin Sharma is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a training firm with only one focus: helping people in organizations. He is one of the most famous bloggers on this list, and he is an internationally accredited keynote speaker on leadership conferences. He offers his insights in his numerous books on the topic, and for free on his blog. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get his newest posts and articles.

6) Guy Kawasaki –
Guy Kawasaki is a bestselling author who has groundbreaking ideas about learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. He has written around 13 books on these topics, and has also been keynote speaker in plenty of leadership conferences worldwide. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to gain useful insights into how the world works.

7) David Cain –
David Cain is the founder Raptitude, a blog that teaches you the invaluable skill of getting better at being a human. On his website, you learn how to live a more fulfilling and exciting life. David Cain writes articles that have insightful tips on self-improvement and self-development, and changing in the right direction in life. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

8) Tor Refsland –
Tor Refsland has created Time Management Chef, a web community of entrepreneurs focused on improving many areas of life, becoming more successful, productive and happier. Following Tor on Twitter and Facebook will enable you to glean knowledge and information about how to be more successful, thrive in your field, and still have more than enough time to enjoy life.

9) Tim Elmore –
Tim Elmore has founded Growing Leaders, a company that serves public schools, state universities, and civic organizations, as well as faith-based organizations and churches with the goal to mobilize and equip young people with the tools they need to think like leaders, act like leaders and change the world, both locally and globally. Dr. Tim Elmore’s insights can be found on his blog, and you can also follow him on Facebook.

10) Torben Rick –
Torben Rick is a senior executive with a lot of experience in the field. He is expert at creating the perfect strategy for any operation and has developed a lot of businesses. His blog posts are focused on improving upon the business environment and developing your own business, so follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get more insights for your own business.

11)Switchandshift –
Switchandshift is a blog made out of contributors who write content dedicated on becoming different, better, and offer plenty of articles, podcasts, and videos that you can watch. Their content is thought provoking and inspiring, and every contributor is focused on making a positive change. Switchandshift can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

12) Charles Duhigg –
Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer Prize wining reporter and also the author of Smarter Better Faster and The Habit. He writes about self improvement, and his insights will help you learn more about how to become successful in both life and in business. If you want to check out more about him, to go his blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

13) Daniel Goleman –
Daniel Goleman is world wide known psychologist who gives out lectures to professional groups, business audiences and on college campuses. He has written a book called Emotional Intelligence and was on The New York Time bestseller for a more than a year. You can follow his Twitter and Facebook profile, or open his blog for more information.

14) Lolly Daskal –
Lolly Daskal is the founder of Lead from Within, which is a successful leadership firm that offers programs in leadership and organizational development. Lolly’s clients value her for her commitment to excellence and integrity, and her articles and blog posts offer invaluable insights on how to be a better leader by improving upon your own self. If you want more information about her and her work, open her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

15) Seapoint Center –
Jesse Lynn Stoner is the founder of Seapoint Center. In her line of work, she has helped leaders in creating organizations that have a great and positive impact on the world. She has very good insights into business, and she is a leadership coach, former executive, as well as a bestselling author of books dedicated to the same topics. She has expertise in a variety of industries including Fortune 500s, small startups, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for her posts and articles.

16) ServetoLead –
James Strock is an entrepreneur who shares his ideas and the story of his success, and other insights in blog posts on his website. By following him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter you can find more about how he became a leader in his field, and get to know more about business and politics. He is also the founder of the Serve to Lead Group – a group that assembles talented people from various fields, like corporate, financial, and nonprofit enterprises.

17) Mark Sanborn –
Mark Sanborn is the president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., and an expert on several topics, including leadership, customer service, and team building. His posts are excellent for people who want to be more successful in their workplace, especially if they are facing competition and unwilling teammates. Mark Sanborn is also a best selling author and an internationally acclaimed personal development speaker. Follow his accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find out more.

18) Takis Athanassiou –
Takis Athanassiou is an e-Business & e-Learning consultant who writes about building a meaningful life. His blog posts are very personalized and focus on how to use your own strengths to become better at every aspect of life, and succeed in every field you choose. His ideas about personal development are astounding and groundbreaking. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find out more about him.

19) Rajesh Setty –
Rajesh Setty work focuses on building startups, writing books and sharing his ideas on stage. He blogs about working and living life to the fullest, and he can teach you how to love everything, even the things you didn’t believe you could enjoy. He can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and his articles can be found at the Huffington Post.

20) Theo Jellis –
Theo Jellis is a UK-based blogger whose posts will be very attractive to young people that suffer from insecurity and self-esteem. He not only posts blogs and articles, he posts videos, music, and expresses his ideas and the things he has learned in many creative forms. Make sure to follow him on LinkedIn Twitter Facebook to learn how to battle low self-esteem and insecurity.

21) Frank Sonnenberg –
Frank Sonnenberg has written five books and numerous articles on how to run a small business, and has served on several boards. His insights have brought him the name of “America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders” and he has been nominated as one of “America’s Most Influential Small Business Experts.” Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get his insightful blog posts as soon as he posts them.

22) Ben Lichtenwalner –
Ben Lichtenwalner is the founder of Modern Servant Leader, and promotes servant leadership awareness. His insights are focusing on adoption of action as well as how to use technology to the fullest. He puts strong emphasis on social media and the internet, and his articles will let you learn about emerging opportunities in mobile technology. His Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles can let you learn more.

23) Chris Edmonds –
Chris Edmonds has created a website where he shares his ideas on various topics, geared towards senior leaders who need to improve and strengthen their values, behaviors, and has created guides that help his readers be leaders in their own working environment. If you follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you will find inspirational posts and articles which will help you become an inspirational team member and leader of your work group.

24) N2growth’s –
John Baldoni is the the chair of the leadership development practice at N2growth, and internationally acclaimed leadership coach. His ideas can also be found in more than a dozen books dedicated to leadership, which have been translated in numerous languages. He is also a professor at Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to find out more, and his blog posts at N2growth’s website.

25) Eblingroup –
Scott Eblin is the author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative. His expertise lies in coaching, coach, conference speaking. His articles, writings and speeches focus on how he believes leadership presence requires being present. His tips on leadership development services gives you powerful, practical tools and insights that help you and your organization achieve results in a mindful and sustainable way. His Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts will offer you more information.

26) InPower Coaching –
InPower Coaching has plenty of inspirational posts and articles, which will help you, become a master in your career and achieve the highest level of personal satisfaction. InPower Coaching has been awarded Top 100 Social Shared Leadership blogs, Top 75 Switch & Shift Human Business Champion Blogs and Top 150 Career Blogs. Subscribe to their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get their blog posts directly to your newsfeed.

27) Dan Black on Leadership –
Dan Black on Leadership is dedicated to helping people improve and thrive in every area of life. Dan Black offers thoughts, articles and resources that he shares two or three times per week, focused on personal development, how to become stronger and a better leader. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to get new content every week.

28) John Mattone –
John Mattone is an expert on leadership, and a worldly acclaimed keynote speaker. He is one of the best executive coaches, and his blog will offer you plenty of tips and tools on becoming a better leader, a better speaker, and how to make a change. His Intelligent Leadership was ranked among the top three Top Advanced Leadership Development Programs that Change Lives in 2015. His profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will offer you more information.

29) Breaktheframe –
Breaktheframe is a website that helps people engage more at the intersection of life and leadership. On this website, you can gain leadership strengths, break your old and enable your new habits to become one of kind leaders that could create real changes in their lives. For more info, follow the website on Twitter LinkedIn.

30)Linked 2 Leadership Blog –
Linked 2 Leadership Blog is a blog where professionals who want to know more about leadership development, health in the workplace, and personal and professional improvement can find articles and blog posts that allow them to learn in an entertaining way. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to always get their new posts.

31)Thepeoplegroup –
Kevin Kennemer is the founder of The Chief People Officer, and on the website, he blogs about his experience in making things happen. He has worked as a consultant at the Chief Human Resource Officer for SemGroup, an international energy company, helping it rise to #5 on Forbes list of largest privately held companies in the United States. His experiences in the field make his blog posts highly useful for anyone who wants to improve and become successful in their fields. His Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles offer more information, and more of his activities.

32)Monica Diaz –
Monica Diaz  is an author, speaker, author, coach and organizational consultant. Her thoughts and insights show how much she loves life and organizations. She is constantly active on social media; if you follow her on Facebook  and Twitter  you will be able to see her tweets, blog posts and other writings that offer interesting thoughts on the topic of how to live a better life.

33)Closingmoresales –
Closingmoresalesis a contributor-based blog where they share blogs on how to get more sales and other financial and leadership insights. Their articles are written by talented people, and they bring a lot of people who are the best in their fields in one place. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more.

34)Debbie Laskey –
Debbie Laskey uses her blog to comment on anything from marketing, to social media, to how to become a better leader, as well as management and improving your customer experience. She is an expert in strategic planning, as well as developing brands, marketing plans, websites, and has significant insights into customer service, and social media marketing. Follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to gain useful insights into employee engagement and the other topics to help you create a thriving.

35)Chris Brady –
Chris Brady has a weblog on which he writes about having a significant and successful life. He writes about various topics of his interest, but they are all geared towards helping his readers live the life they’ve always wanted. A must for any person focused on improving upon their lifestyle and changing towards the better. His profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will offer you more information.

36)Sonia Di Maulo –
Sonia Di Maulo posts blogs and articles on her website that are dedicated to helping you create a workplace environment based on respect and communication. Her ideas will help you analyze your work environment and your coworkers and help you communicate better with them to improve the quality of your work, and focus on the quality of performance. You can follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to be always aware of her new articles and insights.

37)Skip Richard –
Skip Richard writes to share his ideas with the world. His blog offers a variety of insights into self-improvement combined with leadership, but from him, you can also learn about marketing, psychology. As a bonus, if you’re an insomnia sufferer, then he has some tips which can help you fight. Follow him on his social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep up with his latest blog posts.

38)Marala Scott –
Marala Scott is the author of dozens of books as a ghostwriter who focuses on the topic of self-improvement. She is an inspirational writer whose writing is focus on how to sharing your story can start your journey of incredible healing. Marala has shared her own unimaginable life story to help others learn that there is a light at the end of every tunnel. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for more insightful and inspirational stories.

39)Dragos Roua –
Dragos Roua has created a blog he calls space where people who share the same opinions can contribute to the growing pool of information. You can sign up and get new content constantly, where you can explore plenty of ideas coming from a variety of people. You will join a community where each member is important and they all support each other as much as they can. Follow Dragos on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter for more information.

40)Michael Roberto –
Michael Roberto has a blog where he shares the results of his research into leadership consulting. He has focused specifically on decision making skills and improving upon teamwork. He has published two books as a result, and runs his own blog. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter for his newest blog posts.