Top 20 Nursing Blogs

BADGE-nurseSome of the biggest advantages of blogging is it brings important information to users in an engaging manner. It also brings along a multitude of view point at the click of a mouse. Especially for professions like nursing this can come very handy as information at times can be very sketchy and might not always cater to an individual’s purpose. To make your task easier we have created a list of the top 20 nursing blogs that provide comprehensive information about the various facets of the nursing profession and gives an aspirant the appropriate perspective about the various challenges and opportunities.

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  1. The Nursing Site Blog :

The author Kathy Quan has been a RN for 30 years. She has also written books like The Everything New Nurse Book, The Everything Guide to Caring for Aging Parents. She has used her writings to share her long experience in this profession with those who might be interested and for those who might find it challenging. It has featured in several listings including the ‘Top 40 Nursing Blogs 2016’, ‘Top 25 Nursing Blogs 2016’.

  1. The Nursing Site :

This blog too is run by Kathy Quan along with the previous one and the seven other books that she has written. The purpose of these blogs is to provide detailed information about the various aspects of the nursing profession and ways to deal with it. Her long experience as a RN helps to make these advices extremely practical and easy to understand.

  1. Pedagogy :

In the author’s own words, Pedagogy is the art and science of teaching, instruction, and training. Her goal is to offer the most current course content, with the highest possible quality, using a variety of education methods and strategies. She also uses this blog as a means for professionals to continually develop their knowledge and skills.

  1. Nurse Buff :

It is a humour and lifestyle blog for nurses. As an experienced registered nurse herself, the author feels a pinch of humour can go a long way in brightening up a nurses day. She feels nurses face a lot of challenges everyday and if overwhelmed, they might end up burned out with no passion left to care for their patients. This is why they need more than a coffee break.

  1. California Casualty :

California Casualty’s mission is to provide protection and peace of mind for the people that serve our communities. This includes many like fighters, educationists, nurses and the like. They are in the business of providing these professionals with high-quality insurance coverage and service at a competitive price as an acknowledgement of their service.

  1. RTConnections :

The author, an experienced RN herself, considers herself to be the leading authority on nurse bullying, professional development and helping nurses articulate their value. She offers keynote presentations, seminars and consulting services to hospitals, academic institutions and professional nursing organizations.

  1. ER Nurses Care :

This blog is about health, nursing, caring, kindness and positive change. The blog incorporates the author’s 30 years experience in the nursing profession to help those who might be interested or facing challenges in this profession. It includes a wide range of options like  injury prevention, healthy living, hard hitting choices, hot topics and various ramblings from my unique sense of humor.

  1. Best Master Of Science In Nursing Degrees :

The blog aims to provide aspirants with high-quality information to help make the best decision about nursing education. From top schools offering these degree programs to information about specific Masters in Nursing degrees, Masters in Nursing specialized degrees and popular career paths, you get all type of information.

  1. Digital Doorway :

This is the ideal site for the 21stcentury technology savvy nurses. The author, a holistic career coach, Nurse Keith gives the much sought after career advice to aspiring candidates. From techniques required to create a resume to attract maximum offers to ways to avoid common mistakes, this site talks about it all.

  1. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner :

This is the business blog for advance practice clinicians. It was created to address the need  for Nurse Practitioners in private, independent practice to be able to connect, share resources, offer support and learn from one another. It aims to look at all areas of business that NPs are involved in. Input and assistance from other Nurse Practitioners add value to site and make it absolute treasure trove of value based service.

  1. Nursing Power :

The purpose of this blog is to provide the nurse clinician with quick and easy access to peer reviewed references and resources for learning and teaching. The fact that the author has been a nurse for almost 20 years, over half of that spent as a nurse practitioner makes this a valuable resource base with many practical and useful alternatives.

  1. Accessible Healthcare Institute :

The mission is to incorporate dynamic education with integrative healthcare. The author has over 20 years of nursing experience and is diversely experienced with a comprehensive background in the areas of medical-surgical, physiatry, psychiatry, obstetrics, women’s health, developmental disabilities, retail health and as a primary health care provider across the lifespan. She uses all of these to help further enhance the quality of help and resources that she can make available to others who want to follow this profession.

  1. Pathfinders Living Healthy Blog :

In the author’s own words this blog is dedicated to leadership topics, health care reform, patient advocacy issues, and creating inspiration for your daily journey. It provides readers with deep far reaching perspectives that can help them tide over the potential challenges in the nursing profession and the associated problems.

  1. Lippincott Nursing Centre :

From the top news for registered nurses to the best offers in the market, this site provides them all of it and at the simple click of a mouse. The idea is however busy a nurse might be information is never too far away for them. It helps professionals with continuing education courses that can enhance their overall education graph and make them more compretent professionals.

  1. The Nerdy Nurse :

The author, Brittney Wilson is also known as The Nerdy Nurse. She is an award-winning author and blogger, national speaker, and a highly influential social media personality. She helps others gain confidence in the digital world through her unique vision of technology empowerment. Her passion for informatics and innovation in healthcare is unmatched. She is a devoted patient, nurse, and technology advocate.

  1. Adrienne, RN :

Adrienne, a registered nurse uses this blog as a medium to take forward her experience in the nursing profession to many interested readers and aspirants who could gain and take forward the understanding that she has. She documents a variety of challenges and opportunities that are available to a nurse to help others tide over these eventualities with ease. A relatively personalized account, the style is extremely engaging.

  1. Confident Voices In Healthcare :

This blog provides a comprehensive online resource for healthcare professionals including nurses for social media content related to their profession. The blog aims to bring value, provide affordable solutions and superb, relevant content for healthcare professionals. Social media can be at times an extremely daunting place and this blog looks to enabling you to remain on top . It encourages continuous learning through its content and helps you handle the high stakes and the high stress in the healthcare world more proficiently.

  1. Diabetes Steps :

This blog is all about providing natural healing solutions and effective care for patients. It aims to simplify diabetes & health remedies by integrating both a functional and conventional approach to diabetes care. The author’s long experience in the healthcare field is an additional bonus and enriches the content of the site manifold.

  1. Nurse Together :

This blog was founded in October 2007. It caters to the varying needs of the nursing community online. Their services include helping nurses find relevant jobs both permanent and travelling ones and explores the myriad education opportunities in the country. From online guides to brick and mortar institutions you have it all under one roof. Accounts from fellow nurses help you get through the daily travesties of the profession in a more constructive manner.

  1. The NP Mom :

Brett Badgley Snodgrass, the author of this blog, is also an award winning Family Nurse Practitioner in Memphis, TN specializing in family practice, pain management and palliative care. She is also President of her own consulting business. She travels and speaks nationally on many topics important to healthcare. Brett is board certified with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, where she is the current Tennessee State Representative. She is also a member of the Academy of Pain Management and Sigma Theta Tau.  She has made it her mission to help the Advanced Practice Nurses of TN achieve Full Practice Authority.