Top 30 Guitar Bloggers – 2016 Updated


The world is incredible and amazing! In front of its fullness and diversity, we’re just grains of sand or crawling ants. This thought invaded me when I happened to browse the internet in search of some guitar blogs. Goodness me! I merely wanted to search for one aspect: Best guitar bloggers. But, I really amazed at the pretty good load of guitar-related facts and information one can get at. Just a single click will usher you into a whole world of valuable information. And, now I fully rely on the internet searches that keep us close to anything and everything. Thanks Technology! For enlightening us!!!

Criterion for selecting guitar bloggers

These top 30 guitar bloggers were selected paying attention to their content, style and purposes why they’ve blogged. They came out with awesome content and styles. Each blogger bears his own style of presentation specific to himself. Also, they have various purposes for blogging. Some have blogged to advertise their guitar accessories, while some others have written on their personal experience in the field of guitar music. And a few have written to appreciate some veteran guitarists and musicians like Prince Nelson.

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1) This is classical Guitar –

Leonard Garcia, a veteran guitarist, a degree holder both at the Yale university   and New England conservatory of Music  blogs to share on amazing guitar technique he invented when playing faster. He has named it ‘Aural Refocus’ which literally means one’s hearing on the larger beats. He seems a bit radical and craves to seek his own new roots in the field of Music. His efforts to share his new technique with other music lovers with notes, diagrams and description are praiseworthy.

2) Jazz Guitar Online –

The author, Matt Warnock, discusses over minor blues tune e at large, especially focusing his attention on Barney Kassel’s Minor Blue Concept. Matt’s aim is to teach the music lovers Barney Kassel’s Blues Concept focusing their attention on four licks and an entire solo step by step.

3) This is classical guitar –

The author, Bradford Werner a guitarist and a music teacher who lives in Victoria BC in Canada performs as a freelancing musician. He writes this blog in appreciation of the great Canadian guitarist Drew Henderson and really does a great job to encourage this guitarist from his motherland Canada.

4) Guitar Noise –

The author of this blog ,David Hodge, explains at large how one can get the benefit of ‘Open tuning’ most probably his childhood experience of playing an autoharp, must have led him to do an experimental self-learning on open turning of a guitar. This might encourage the guitarists to do such new things.

5) DIY Start –

This blogger gives a detailed description of a few accessories related to guitars; Pedals, a tube amp over drive stimulator. He also gives a lot of information about guitar circuits. And finally shows how to set up a Stratocaster style guitar.

6) Six pack interview with Mike Marlin. –

This interview with Mike Marlin, a big figure in the field of western music reveals how he happened to support The Strangler a big jazz band. The author of this blog emphasizes the courage and determination Marlin had at his hard times.

7) The Bass Guitar Blog –

The blog is composed of both text and a video interview with Kevin Beller, Head of R and D at Seyman Duncan and a bass player, the discussion is mainly on how to get a noise free sound from a single pick up.

8) Guitar planet David Deoach –

The author, David Deloach, speaks of how music should come out of the burning inner self of a musician so as to rip out his feelings, emotions and vibes. He creates an image outside the field of music; of how the actor Jim Caviezel took the start up to make a keynote speech. To do that, he takes two examples; of how the actor Jim Caviezel got ready for a keynote speech and how Tom Waits took the initiative for a show. Thereby he emphasizes how a musician must make the listeners feel his music.

9) Guitar noise –

The founder of the Guitar Noise web site Paul Hackett blogs to review the veteran musician Prince Nelson Rogers’s wonderful 35 years music career as a tribute to him on his death that took place on 21st April 2016.Starting with Prince’s collaboration with Warner Brothers when he was just a 19-year-old, Paul Hackett covers all the significant achievements in his life until his death. So, this is really praiseworthy.

10)Guitarz –

The author G.L Wilson, who prefers writing about guitars to playing them, writers of an elegant guitar design which is called ‘firebird’ by the seller’s. The guitar seems to be his life time companion and he is a real ‘Guitarz guy’.

11) Guitar Kadia –

This blog is an interview done by Guitarkadia with Joe Becker guitarist from Chicago who engaged in composing and playing other instruments as well. In this interview he recalls his past, how he played the guitar as a 4-year-old, his first electric guitar and his experiences with his father who had been an ardent guitar lover. Anyway, this shows how his never -dying love of guitars has inspired him as a musician.

12) The LGN (Learning Guitar Now) Blog –

This blog is ideal for guitarists to teach a great Guitar Blog a New Clapton Badge Style Solo. It teaches of how to mix the minor and major pentatonic scales to make seamless solo to replace with the common, old ones known by everybody.

13) Dutch bopper‘s Jazz Guitar Blogs –

This author Dutch bopper, who is lecturer at Fontys University for communications in Netherland plays guitar in his leisure. In this nice blog he recalls how he took to paying jazz guitar. Also he shares 3 of Remo palmier’s guitar clips and gives lengthy descriptions about Remo palmier and Eef Albers.Also he writes a detailed description on The Gibson Barney Kessel Custom and the Barney Kessel Guitar. His ardent love towards Jazz is seen in every word of his blog.

14) Rock guitar daily with a Tony Conley –

The author,  Tony Conley ,who is a US person blogs here to appreciate the guitarist Glenn  Hughes and his show giving the priority to the induction of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Anyway, he seems to have a close relationship with this star.

Also, he emphasizes Glenn Hughes performance with David Coverdale and nicely describes the events to attract the reader’s.

15) Andrew Wasson’s –

The author Andrew Wasson is a graduate of Hollywood California‘s guitar Institute of Technology and has earned a name as a guitarist. His blogs discuss some interesting Guitar – related topics such as how over learning benefits oneself in learning guitars, how issues like personality and humor could affect a guitar   teacher and so on. However, a part from the guitarist in him, Andrew Wasson proves to be an excellent blogger too.

16) Us Air Guitar CHAMPIONSHIPS –

This blog, describes in an interesting way how Colin Bach was qualified for the   semifinals in the US Air Guitar Championships. He is quite funny in the way how he declares his success in making the audience happy.

17) 3rd Grade Thoughts –

The author, Stephanie, a teacher of 3rd Grade keeps a nice blog called ‘3rd Grade Thoughts’ introduces a plane for the teachers to organize their work pretty neatly. Weekly and monthly numbers and Happy Birthday pages, Absentee log and yearly planning with stickers add a lot of color to a class room Anyway, though it looks simple, her planner will be of great help for a teacher if he or she thinks of purchasing it.

18) Classical Guitar Review –

The author, CGR, writes this blog commenting on what Sanel Redzic wrote on his face book page. Sanel Redzic, a guitarist has left a note to show others how he got rid of his negative feelings at a time of a failure in his life. CGR quotes this and says how success begins with failure.

19) Gregg’s blogs on Harwood Half Guitars –

This author, Gregg Minor, being sharp guitar enthusiast, writes this blog in a way to draw the reader’s attraction to the a harp guitars and to appreciate, Bob Jenkin who took great pains to re-awaken the story of Harwood Half Guitars that had been Bob’s family business ones.

20) Building an Acoustic Guitar in your Kitchen –

The author, Steve Summerford, who takes guitar building as his hobby, managed to create an acoustic guitar on his own and writes this blog to encourage newbies to get on with this unbelievably wonderful hobby successfully.  He emphasized of the importance of building up good work place and reveals of the wood, power tools one needs in this enterprise. Also he gives out a step by step, clear demonstration on how to make a guitar and thus encourages the enthusiasts.

21) Motor City Guitar –

Motor City is an ideal website for guitar lovers to choose between items they love to own. Everything from guitars and accessories, drums etc. available in this. One interesting aspect I find here is the guitar clinic conducted by Doyle Dykes. However they make this experience of visiting their site a thrilling one.

22)The Blues Blogger  –

The author who writes this blog in the name Bluesblogger ‘appreciates the ancient Blues Singer Ma Rainey as a tribute to her on the mother’s day. The Author reveals that Ma Rainey is nobody, but her mother.

23) Jason Shadrick –

The author Jason Shadrick, a writer, editor and a guitar player writes this to appreciate Pete, the famous guitarist and Jason’s intimate friend. The friendship, humanity and the love Jason Shadrick bears in his heart towards his friend is evidently seen and felt. What a sensitive peace of blog!

24) Building the Ergonomic Guitar –

The web site is meant for encouraging the readers to try out making a guitar on their own at home. Some living examples for homemade guitars are given to make the reader’s believe that it could be done practically. Also this radical change of this guitars shape and size are noteworthy and must thank the founder of this site for his attempt to change people’s minds positively.

25) Bonnie Raitt –

The author, Bluesblogger, reviews some songs of Bonnie Raitt’s top selling albums DIG IN DEEP and GIPSY IN ME. Her purpose of blogging this way is to encourage Bonnie Fans to get the real feeling of her songs. The author refers to some of her favorites and invite others to listen to them and enjoy.

26) The Guitar Learner –

The blogger, Guitarlearner discusses a common weakness that is uncounted by many guitarists (or better to say musicians): being nervous. The author solution to this is to play some cool guitarists and see the difference. Also he suggest a lot of practice that leads the player to a state of better self-esteem.

27) Guitar Answers Blogs –

Greg Waters, song writer, guitarist and teacher who lives in North Colombia, USA gives some music tips, explains how the electric guitar works, states how to get your music played on TV, writes two short guitar related blogs and extends some new year and Christmas greetings as well. His attempts to do a kind of service to music must be appreciated.

28) Dead Eye Guitars –

The author who has named himself Deadeye is from Malaysia. He is the founder of this web site Deadeye Guitars that displays a wide range of guitar styles, amps and so on. The music lovers can purchase these items online by paying a visit to this page.

29) Guitar Nostalgia –

The author Martin Newman keeps a guitar blog since 2nd January 2016.That starts with his plan of events for 2016: song writing and recording. Next, a few more important blogs have been written by him to update his blog posts. His blog on guitar day includes visiting a guitar show in Birmingham and enjoying a Martin Simpson play. Finally he ends with choosing a nick Huber guitar, playing it and giving some other information of guitar accessories like amplifiers. However, he blends with his blogging wholeheartedly.

30) The Guitar Learner –

The author writes a detailed description about the world’s top female guitarist Nita Strauss highlighting all the important events in her life. Nita, who has started her career of music in an early age of 13, has played with famous musicians like Michael Jackson and joined with the famous band “Iron Maidens”. The author maintains a favorable tone throughout the blog may be as a respect to Nita Strauss.

31) Rupert Boyd –

Reyes Gonzalez, the author of this blog writes this to appreciate the famous Australian guitarist, Rupert Boyd. Reyes writes about this famous guitarist’s achievements, fame and his shows. Reyes Gonzalez seems to be a real guitar lover and he speaks of Rupert Boyd in an enthusiastic tone which is customary to an ardent guitar lover. His blog will definitely attract the readers who love to read on famous guitar celebrities.

32) 3 Essential Jazz Guitar Chord soloing lines –

The author, Matt Warnock blogs to introduce the guitar leaners of how to create their own jazz guitar soloing phrases. He’s quite descriptive with videos and notes. He writes in an advising tone to inspire the guitar leaners of how to practice and improve this new piece of guitar music.