Top 20 Dog Blogs

BADGEJPGThese days we search online for almost any type of information and it is therefore needless to mention that any die-hard dog lover would surely explore the world wide web to know more about the various dog related information and details about their favorite pet. A big challenge in this context can be choosing what’s a good site and what’s not. It is exactly for this reason that we decided to put together this list of some of the best known dog blogs to help you access the most relevant information in the most lucid manner and with as many photographic support as possible.

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  1. Dreamy :

Barbara Dearaujo is the author of this blog and Dreamydoodle is their family-run Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle breeding program. They decided to start breeding Doodles back in 2008 and they have also run Doodle meet-ups and Doodle community websites. The blog and its regularly updated content also highlights their love for doodle breeding and passion for it.

  1. Dog Splendour :

This blog includes quality dog tips and reviews of pet products. For the author, Stefanie, all things dogs brought a smile to her face and she started this blog as a means to stay immersed in the dog world for hours together. She used this blog as a means to bring quality information online for fellow dog lovers.

  1. Dog Blog:

The use of several dog indicative graphics and stellar shots makes this website a winner from the word go. It features many fun things and information about dogs and their family.  The author share many experience as a loving dog owner and even strives to bring forth the viewpoint of their dogs. The blog also gives dog lovers an insight into types of destinations and places to go with your favourite pet.

  1. Spadog :

If you ever thought a spa for a dog borders on the realms of fantastic imagination then think again. This is indeed a reality now. The SpaDog is all about organizing an organic spa for your favourite pet. This blog gives you options for a healthy and organic dog grooming outlet. It offers quality grooming service for your pet without compromising on the overall aesthetics of grooming and spa.

  1. Bone-A-Fide :

An ultimate day care and dog nurturing centre, it talks about a unique dog ranch where dogs are free to be dogs. Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch is a great alternative to traditional kennels and cramped indoor facilities for well-socialized dogs. It’s also a breath of fresh air for dog owners, who can relax knowing our team is 110% focused on keeping their pets safe, happy and healthy.

  1. DogMomDays :

Created by pet blogger Amanda, this blog was started inn 2013. She is one of the great success stories in pet blogging as a career option. In her own words, through a lot of hard work and persistence she was nominated for the 2015 BlogPaws Best New Pet Blog, named a 2016 BlogPaws ambassador, was featured on the local news, was published in a magazine and in two newspapers. She also wrote an article for a national magazine that will be hitting shelves this year and will be speaking at this year’s BlogPaws conference in Phoenix.

  1. Phileas Dog :

This blog has the unique distinction of being one of the very few blogs that discuss travelling with a dog. Yes that is very important for those who believe that their pet is not just an animal but an important family member and would like to experience all family holidays together. Written in an engaging first person style, this blog is a comprehensive guide on the dog friendly holiday destinations in UK.

  1. Montecristo Travels :

The Montecristo Travels team helps you travel with your small dog. It provides you with information from first-hand experience, highlights pet-friendly locations and reviews pet-friendly transportation and accommodations. This blog also provides tips, tricks, and advice while travelling with your pet. What makes this blog extremely engaging is of course the photos, videos, guest contributions and regular interaction with interested readers.

  1. Pawcurious :

This is the ideal blog spot for you if you’ve ever wanted a professional opinion on looking after your pet’s health when you’re going away. This includes all relevant details from getting paperwork in place to ordering medications. In short this is one of those blogs that makes your entire dog owning and travelling with your pet a pleasure. It includes all essential reading and might often save you the trauma of a long journey with a car-sick dog.

  1. Alfie’s Blog :

A personalized account of a young dog that moved from London to San Francisco, this blog grabs any dog lover’s attention right from the beginning. It is very intelligently written with an engaging narrative style and some great clicks that make it a lot more attention grabbing than plain text.

  1. The Road Forks :

This is yet another blog about travelling unhindered with your dog. The bloggers Akila and Patrick’s mission is to travel their way around the world with their dogs and bringforth teh experience to all their readers. In all they have spent 14 months on the road and visited 18 different countries so far. The photographs add a touch of a uniquely exhilirating element to their blog.

  1. Life With Dogs :

One of the most read sites and blogs on dogs, this is a comprehensive site that celebrates the whole experience of owning a dog. From dog training videos to details about their health to many nitty gritty about keeping a pet, this blog is the ultimate dog guide. It even gives readers insight on training a dog and keeps them on top of the latest news from the doggy world.

  1. 3 Boys And A Dog :

Not specifically about dogs, this blog essentially is a personalized account of a family’s tryst with the adventure called, Life. The author puts in a mix of child care, dog care, recipes and life in general in her write-ups. No doubt it is an extremely engaging blogs and keeps reader interest going with all its brilliant photographs.

  1. The Long & Short Of It All For Dachshundists :

If you love Dachshunds and like to read everything related to them there is no place as beautiful as this blog. From news updates to personalized accounts this blog is perhaps amongst the most comprehensive one on Dachshunds. They also engage readers by publishing trivia and tit bits about their pets and also the photographs.

  1. A Dogs Life , The Real Story :

This is a first hand account of a golden retriever that is sure to get attention. It belongs to a family that is passionate about rescuing retrievers in trouble and providing them a better life. In many ways this is an extremely inspiration blog for many dog lovers. The author has also beautifully incorporated dog language to make it extremely engaging.

  1. Sleddoggin :

A blog that is devoted to the cause of sled dogs it celebrates their energy, commitment and overall service to mankind. It discusses about working dogs, dogs in Marine service and a whole gamut of related operations. Having a sled dog can be a great advantage, if you are staying in a snowy region and this blog goes onto discuss this basic idea. The blog gives users details about various breeds and a broad history of sled dogs.

  1. Fido Friendly :

As the author of this blog mention, this one does not leave any dog behind. It talks about travel, trends, health, wellness, rescue operations and an entire gamut of topics related to dogs and their masters. The blog also showcases many cruelty free products which might be preferred by any animal lover in general and dog lovers specifically.

  1. Montreal Dog Blog :

In the words of the blogger, this blog is by pet-lovers just like you! They discuss everything from rescue to grooming to ‘greening’.  There is a collection of blogs under their umbrella and the opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the complete positions of Montreal Dog Blog or its individual bloggers.  The collective aim of these blogs is better animal treatment – not only in Quebec, but around the globe.

  1. Fit As Fido :

Another dog lovers haven, this site too gives you a comprehensive guide about caring for your dog, health, fitness and the overall experience of having fulfilling life with your pet. It highlights the many challenges and ways to go about for pet lovers in general and dog owners specifically.

  1. Ohmidog :

It is a blog that is celebrating the glory of dog regularly since 2008. From dog toys to dog care, this is your super guide to doggy care. Interesting pics and graphics make this blog extremely readable and utterly engaging for readers and convert them into die hard followers eventually. This also has a collection of write-ups from other dog lovers and bloggers and helps readers with a wide array of viewpoints.