Top 10 Street-stylish Looks Every Girl Must Know

There are many fashion trends that keep coming and going out of fashion. We often try to keep aligning our fashion sense in accordance to what is ‘currently in’. In an effort to look and feel fashionable and fashion conscious, most women often seem to miss the mark and portray a look that is completely not appreciable. Street style fashion is one of those evergreen fashion trends that will always stay in vogue, in other words, it is immune to changing fashion styles. In this post, let’s talk about what you need to keep in mind while dressing like a street chic.

Actually, it isn’t as tough as it seems, although some tend to look absolutely chic and stunning every day. If you’re still not there, don’t fret, it’s not rocket science and all it takes is a few need-to-know tips to rock that street chic look. Here are some worth-trying tips you will ever thankful for –


  • Nurture your personal aesthetic sense


Everybody is unique and special in their own way and we all have different tastes and preferences. For instance, if you like a particular kind of music, you often tend to incorporate your favourite classics and numbers into your personal style. Same goes with your sense of dressing. What you are inside reflects outside. So make sure you come up with your own unique style and never feel conscious about showing it off. Who knows, you could be the next trendsetter for so many other peers ahead of you. So make sure you get involved with various genres and get to hang out with lots of people.


  • Experiment and know what colours suit you most


Beware of getting stereotyped and labelled for the wrong reasons. Many people get identified by their dressing sense, on the basis of their skin colours, hairstyles, etc. You definitely want to be remembered and identified for the right reasons, therefore make sure you experiment with different colours and know those three to four colours which you are sure will transform you. Once you have these things straight, go ahead and wear these colours every time.


  • Know the art of balancing


Balancing your overall look to make it more presentable is one of the ground rules for dressing like a street chic. For instance, if you’re wearing a baggy bottom, go for a leaner shirt. The same thing goes for shoes. If you have a petite frame, chunky heels is a big no-no. Have Chunky calves? Stay as far as you can from stiletto heels. So if you want to look street smart, know what you can flaunt and don’t flaunt what you can’t!


  • Own the basics


Here are some must-have basics you must have in your wardrobe to look street stylish – oversized cardigans, oversized V-necked tees in all the basic colours, a great fitting pair of dark wash jeans that flatter your figure, black tights, a silhouette skirt that flatters your curves, knit tank tops for layering, a good coat of course and a to-die-for pair of leather/suede boots for winter and super cute flats to beat the summer heat. Once you have these basics in place, work the magic by mix-matching and layering to create your own signature street style.


  • What’s Underneath Matters Most


Always ensure you buy quality underwear of your size in basic shades of black and nude. Seamless knickers in the same shades too are a must-have. Match these colours with the clothing you choose to wear to avoid embarrassment.

  1. Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize!

The need for accessories cannot be emphasized here ‘coz street style is all about accessorizing. Necklaces, belts, rings, bracelets, bags, headgear and scarves – make your pick and accessorize accordingly. There are plenty of online stores out there which have various styles and patterns as per your taste. Even if you’re wearing a basic outfit, you could look absolutely stunning if you accessorize perfectly and that’s the whole idea here. So if you want to rock the street-chic style, accessories should be your better half.


  • The Sophisticated cum Professional Street Chic


Want to take street style to a professional level? Here’s how! Pair a black pencil skirt with an off-white frilly blouse. Transform this simple outfit to a stunning one by accessorizing with a headband, scarf, purse, etc. Trust me, you’ll look very professional yet stunning!


  • Floral is always in


Think floral and you can never go wrong. It’s a huge trend that is absolutely meant for summers. Mix and match two separate colour-coordinated floral pieces and you’ll look amazing! Try a blue floral halter neck top with a black floral skirt and tie your hair into a ponytail. The end result – HEADTURNER!!


  • Work Magic with Jackets and Coats


One of the must-haves in a wannabe street chic’s wardrobe is jackets and coats. Be it a cape jacket or a trench coat or a patterned blazer. Jackets and boots are an awesome combination and every girl sure loves to sport them!  Try experimenting with various colour combinations and patterns.


  • Get the Colours Right


No matter how many pieces of clothing you put together to make a complete look, the colours have to be right. Even if you try out different patterns, make sure you colour-coordinate, else people will start wondering that there is a hippie standing next to them and that’s you! For example, if there’s a splash of red colour somewhere in your outfit, wear a red lip colour. You’ll love this look and it will definitely make you look no less than a superstar who just hit the streets to go on a shopping spree.


The beauty of street style is that you get to dress according to your preferences and you don’t have to spend lavishly. All you are required to do is buy a couple of basics and accessorize appropriately to look like the ultimate fashionista. The above mentioned tips are good enough to act as a guide.