Three scientists succeeding the Nobel Prize

Cause for giving Nobel Prize

Three scientists named as John O’Keefe, Edvard Moser, along with May-Britt Moser has achieved the victory of the Nobel Prize for discoveries of particle cells that comprises of a positioning scheme in the brain. The identification of cells present in the brain that constitute human’s interior global-placement system achieved the success of the Nobel Prize in the fields of physiology or the medicine for the three talented scientists.

Background of three scientists


John O’Keefe, a lecturer of cognitive neuroscience at the University College of London who accommodates the US along with UK citizenship, and May-Britt Moser accompanied by Edvard I.Moser, both hailing from Norwegian, will contribute the winning prize i.e. around 8 million-Krona which is around 1.1 million dollars, the assembly of Nobel said in an interaction with the media in Stockholm on the past Monday. O’Keefe will get the half of the payment, and the married Mosers, will have to share the rest of the leftover amount.

May-Britt Moser in an interaction over telephonic conversation said that it is quite a shock to hear that from Trondheim present in the city of Norway. Her better half named as Edvard was on board a flight to reach Munich and still didn’t have an idea about the news, as she said. They have been cooperating with the research since the year of 1983 and launched their laboratory in the city of Trondheim in the year of 1996. As per conversation with her, she said this is the prize owned for the entire community.


O’Keefe in the year of 1971 discovered that a form of nerve cell in the areas of the hippocampus of the brain was always sparked off when a rat was positioned at a certain place in the occupied room, as per the statement issued by the Nobel Assembly. The rest of the cells were dynamically participating when the rat was placed in a variable place, he detected. He named cells as the place cells, according to the assembly’s conversation. In the year of 2005, the Mosers detected another type of element of the positioning system, the nerve cells that create a coordinate type of system and prepare precise positioning capable of happening.

Past year’s Nobel award for medicine was awarded to three other US Scientists named as James Rothman, Thomas C. Suedhof along with Randy Schekman- for particularizing how an organism cell’s conveyor navigates and decrease hormone and rest molecules, unfolding avenues of exploration into treatments associated with diabetes and neurological as well as immune disorders.

History of Nobel Prize

Annual awards for achievements in the fields of physics, chemistry or medicines, peach as well as literature were launched in the desire of Alfred Nobel, the inventor from the Swedish of dynamite, who passed away in the year of 1896. The foundation of Nobel Award was introduced in the year of 1900 and the awards were initially given to the following year. An economics award was produced almost around seven decades after in the remembrance of Nobel by the central bank of the Swede.