SNAPDEAL does it again – Rs 600 worth heater delivered instead of a Macbook pro!

snapdeal-wrong-delivery-1Not once but this has occurred quite a few times. Recently, a vim bar soap was delivered instead of a Samsung Galaxy core 2, marble stones in place of iPhone 4s. Around last year, a customer got an empty box thrice when ordered for a pen drive. Wrong deliveries seems to be frequent occurrence with Snapdeal, leaving customers frustrated and irate.

Nitin Chhabria from Mumbai ordered a 13 inch Apple MacBook Pro worth Rs. 84000. However, when hsnapdeal-wrong-delivery-2e received the parcel he suspected it to be too small for a lappy. He opened a parcel in presence of the delivery boy and was surprised to find a New Star Fan Heater worth Rs 600 instead of a Mac. Mr. Chhabria immediately logged a complaint with Snapdeal who confirmed that they had delivered the wrong product due to some confusion at the warehouse. Mr. Chhabria demanded for a complete refund, however he was assured that he would be delivered the macbook pro in 24 hours.

These instances have left shoppers in a dilemma when shopping online from Snapdeal. Although in the above cases, Snapdeal has been the reason for incorrect deliveries, there are other ecommerce sites such as Flipkart, who have done similar mistakes. Around last year, a customer received an empty box thrice when ordered for a pen drive from FlipKarts.