A relationship is build up with trust, care, emotion, attachment, comfort, expectations, purity but describing it differently it can altogether be just defined in one word i.e. love. We know love is a very sweet and beautiful feeling which holds an immense joy in everyone’s life. Some or the other day every person gets a moment of love which discovers an ultimate happiness within the soul of a person. Love is not only between guys or girls it plays its role with every other beautiful relations but the difference is that every relation is different from each other.

When we chatter about love of a guy and a girl it’s merely a profound sentiment which cannot be defined chiefly because there won’t be any limit to it, because every love is articulated having its own approach. A relationship before marriage of a girl and a boy is a commitment but it is unlike from marriage. This is a second bond of love routing its way to marriage. As a couple its just a conduct to express once feeling where a girl has different role to play and a boy has different but one thing is familiar as it is measly comfort level where they hang out with and share their emotions, common interest, embrace up and each one are someone with whom one can share ups and downs with.

Where there is a feeling of love which is attached together through a knot which is actually expressed by loving that person the way he or she is. There is a very wrong perception among people that this love can be constructed with a friend but it’s not like that, friend has a different role to play unlike this but yes it is obvious that a boyfriend or a girlfriend may play the role of a friend. When you feel this emotion you will feel it as if you have reached the place of heaven.

When you have a commitment as a girlfriend or a boyfriend you face a common problem of understanding, in a relationship both of them need to understand each other which is actually a remedy to resolve conflict. It is important to understand each other’s way of anger and moving on by forgiving mistakes. There are certain places where you need to adjust in a relationship in situations when you should not expect any change of behavior because one can change is a very rare case. A mere conversation of sex should be very casual and open and should be able to have a discussion about sex and an intimate conduct without feeling anger, embarrassment or lack of interest. But don’t expect a partner to all of a sudden become more sexual after marriage if there is short of interest prior to marriage. All these aspects occur or happen before marriage.

When we talked about relationship before marriage it was a different aspect with respect to the consequences and change in feelings after marriage. Marriage is a pure relationship which develops an emotional bond with a sentiment of togetherness till their death. When any marriage takes place as an outcome of continuous relationship before marriage, in that condition both of them enters a life which is entirely different. A sense of responsibility for prior togetherness is a very must and positive aspect of marriage. In the matter of sex life it’s pure to have sex which creates a very close intimacy because after marriage a couple may become more comfortable and adventurous than before to marriage.

It becomes very obvious that even if any accident, embarrassment, or any consequences which may have lead to breakup before marriage but after it may not happen. There somewhere a very positive believes that marriage is joining of soul which cannot be separated with the flow of negative vibes. Talking about the tradition of marriage we know that marriage is not only of couple but also of a family too. As we know that before marriage when there is situation of dating someone practically it is just a relation known as kryptonite but when it comes to marriage the bond is de facto and hence add on a new strength to love. There is a liability of honesty and common understanding.

Hence it is pretty obvious that marriage somewhere a kind of legal as well as soul connectivity in a wider aspect than that of just a commitment. But there is also a possibility to make a commitment to be at same level as marriage with a sense of equal sentimental feeling as lead by a husband or wife which entirely depends on couple. So before marriage every person needs to look after certain aspects in general till the level of satisfaction so that on could lead a happy marriage.