6 points that will tell that you are a total discount and coupon freak

1)  You go searching your credit/debit card as soon as you see a banner like this one


Yes, this just sets you on a course from where nobody can bring you back. You just have to get something.The good news is, most of the time, you do really get to see good deals and a discount so unreal on something you wanted. further- i can tell you that, you can make your experience more better if you scout for coupons first. As sales only cover some things, whereas coupons cover things that are specific to your needs.

2) You forget to read between the lines, or even bold letters of the Terms & Conditions on the coupon


You go so happy on the fact that you have indeed landed up a great deal on coupon or promo code that you go completely berserk Nothing makes sense to you except the bold xyz % off term. Well, that happens, but then, its very important to notice the validity date, the success ratio and on what things exactly the discount is on. Continue reading 6 points that will tell that you are a total discount and coupon freak

Make shopping online, your dream come true

It is pure joy to find what you need online. Yes, hours of searching the local shops never got you the thing you are ogling at right now. Well, the internet was meant to be this way you thought. True enough too, internet was meant to bring everything right onto our screens. Well, now that you have seen the thing you were looking forward to you want to get it the easiest way and with the most cheapest price tag levied on it. It is more than correct that, at that moment of time, you must have thought of coupons and discounts and freebie deals. You are a true blue internet commerce carrier- congratulations. Coupons, deals and discounts and promotions actually help to lower your initial billing amount. A time tested thing!!!

How to land the best coupon deal
You ask? You must already know that Google has all the answers, but what’s the harm in discussing. Let’s go then, clearing all the doubts first, i do not believe in ratting out the usual how to shop online stuff, I will be telling you some genuine profitable things that i have encountered as a shopper online. Continue reading Make shopping online, your dream come true