20 Fitness Blogs With Explosive Growth To Learn From


fitness blogsIt is quite easy to get lost in the internet in the search for blogs that deal with fitness. It is even much easier to find oneself in the wrong site or sites that do not carry information pertaining to what you are looking for.

In the search for fitness blogs, it is important to first of all figure out exactly what type of work outs you are looking for. Though all fitness blogs are geared towards healthy living, the methods employed do vary. Some consider the use of Yoga, others focus on straight hard-core muscle building at gyms and such like. All blogs deal with specific aspects of the body. Some focus on physical strength while others focus on mental strength and others on spiritual strength. In the pursuit of these blogs, one ought to recognize the aspects which s/he needs to work on. These collection contains 20 sites on fitness that may be of benefit.

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  1. FMR: Fat Man Running

This is a fitness blog aimed at inspiring, encouraging and amusing. The story of Penny is well documented in this blog in the journey for healthy living and fitness. Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in April of 2010, this blog then became the chronicles of Penny’s battle with cancer, battling against all odds with the sole intent of beating the disease. The journey is well documented in the blog and Penny embraces the Run, Walk, Run method of fitness. Since August of 2010, Penny has been cancer free and this blog offers great inspiration and motivation that with healthy living, life can be well prolonged and lived to the fullest. With dedication, nothing can be impossible.

It is imperative to note that Penny indicates clearly that the blog is not a fitness blog but rather a documentation of the fight against cancer and inspiration to live healthy.

  1. Running Injury Free

Running Free Injury is a blog based on over 40 years of running experience. The tips offered have been tested and tried and proven over the years. The retired Software Engineer and Adjunct Instructor offers tips for  runners, joggers and walkers who want to do it and do it enjoyably and injury free. A timeless piece of advice he offers is, ‘most of your running should be long slow running!’

The blog page offers navigation tips for readers for ease of access to specifics and interestingly, the site is also in form of a book, a free pdf version is available. Other related blogs from the blogger are, Old Man Running, Climate Change and a couple of spiritual blogs on Mormonism and science among others

  1. Alna Keed

This is a blogging site that offers fitness tips and the right equipment to use for the exercises therein. It offers a wide range of fitness tips from good dental health, common cycling injuries, different hair removal treatment, body building, fitness motivation stories and body weight exercises. This wide range offers readers a diverse selection of activities from which to choose from. Healthy fitness tips for summer period are also pointed out, to help in getting through summer healthily and fit.

  1. Brandon Richey fitness

Brandon Richey fitness blog leans more on utilization of the body functional style of movement based training as he indicates in his blog. His style of training is more of the body and less of equipment and that is why it is possible for him to offer home based training. This program is not only for individuals but also for groups and is customized with the aim of ensuring that optimum connection between the body and brain is achieved for true fitness results. Brandon has over 10 years’ experience in this field and also his blog has been recognized as being among one of the top 10 fitness blogs for 2015 – Breaking Muscle. His blog offers advice on hand conditioning, skillful conditioning, common sense strength among others with emphasis on building  mental toughness and persistence.

  1. Alive In The Fire

This blog is inspired by Yoga and Rachel offers some insightful tips on the practice of Yoga. A teacher and trainer of Yoga, she offers clear guidelines for those new or the beginners to the practice. Various types of the practice she mentions are Vinyasa Yoga, Dharma, Bikram and meditation.

She is a writes and dances and loves to spend time with those she loves. She also believes in wellness, freedom and staunchly holds to the tenets of ‘ahimisa’-non violence .

The entire aim is to bring in the feeling of positive energy, joy and inspiration in the practice of Yoga as she states in her blog.

  1. Daily Downward Dog

This is a Yoga site aimed at demystifying the practice of Yoga. Maria uses her years of experience and benefits to inspire and encourage others on the importance of this practice. Having herself benefited from the practice from crooked back and lots of healing, she inspires others to take up the path of yoga and experience the benefits of it. She considers herself a certified Yoga instructor having started several years ago and practiced with an instructor.

Yoga demystified over great music and at no budgetary constraints.


Adam Hocke has been practicing Vinyasa Flow Yoga since 1999 under the tutelage of Jason Crandell who is an author and practicing teacher with over 15 years’ experience. Initially from South Florida, Adam now resides in London from where he offers his extensive experience through teaching studio classes and workshops throughout London and across the globe. Adam Hocke offers live tutorials in pod-casts to offer the beginner or even continuing yoga students’ guidance on the various yoga practices.  He is also an ardent writer and contributor to magazines and websites on yoga and yoga related issues.


Dr. Nick is a podiatrist from Akron Ohio specializing in foot and ankle surgery especially in relation to runners. Dr. Nick is passionate about helping runners with injuries as he himself is a long distance running enthusiast.

Upcominghealth.com  has listed Dr. Nicks Running Blog among the 25 running bloggers to follow. The blog has also received the Top 100 Running blogs award. Dr. Nick has had great success in his field having treated running injuries of all kinds by up-to-date medical techniques on reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and uniquely by shoe gear changes. He also does speaking engagements on issues pertaining to injuries related to running and such like.

  1. Addicted to running

Steve Wagner through the years on the track,has gained some invaluable experience about the track. With 18 marathons safely tucked under his belt, Steve through his blogs offers help to runners so that they can attain their maximum potential.

His blog has received the Top 100 Running blogs award. His blog also offers readers resources to find races nearby, from L. Agassiz Pacers Calendar to TriFind.com, runners can safely be kept abreast with the races in their vicinity.


Anupriya Kapur has ran half and full marathons, ultra run son roads and trails having raced in India and the Philippines and boasts of covering averagely 100 kms a month. She describes racing as a recreational activity which serves her as a source of fitness and  that does not need any special talent or a lineage of sportsmanship to do; that it should be picked up by all and sundry as a simple recreational activity.  Her blog has received the Top 100 Running blogs award.

In her blog, she offers tips on several issues including tips for running in the dark. Anupriya has done an indepth review of womens’ Adidas Training Olympics Sports Bra and readers should find useful information on choice of sports bra from her review. And if those running jargons ever so often left you wondering what they meant, she has written about that in the ‘Running Jargons.’

  1. RunnerDude’s Blog

Runners Dude is a fitness blog that covers a wide spectrum of activities. There are tips for workout for runners, weekly exercises, Running fitness, recipes for runners and also on injury prevention. Running has its fair share of injuries usually, though not limited to poor choice of running shoes. RunnersDude offers  four detailed tips on finding the best shoe for running. Runnersdude has done interview on some elite marathoners, the likes of Chuck Engle, Sussane M. Davis, Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan and others offering the reader an inside  scoop into these proven runners’ lives.

  1. Feetures

This blog offers tips on running tips, training and races. There are quite a number of pertinent topics discussed which would offer useful information to readers with a penchant for racing, training and even those getting back after long absences from training. Importantly the tearing down of mental barriers which can easily beset anyone is candidly highlighted on with simple tips on how to get over it.The blog has also received the Top 100 Runnng blog award and rightly so.

  1. Diary of a Rubbish Marathon Runner

Thomas who is married and a father of four, children aged between 8 and 14, uses this blog  to chronicle his running activities. A computer programmer by profession loves distance running, travelling and reading and is a fan of Machester City FC. He documents his running journals in the area of Caragh Lake, Kerry , Ireland and also listed in his blog are all the marathons he has been in, and the personal best times he has clocked over the years. His blog has received the Top 100 Running Blog award.

  1. CaNdY FiT

FU is a Canadian blogger from Gatineau region who shares her story and experience on her blog to inspire someone that it is posible to live a good healthy life filled with good food and exercise.FU has won a figure competition which she participated in, a personal challenge she had set for herself. FU who has recently returned from a one week exercising sabbatical says that rest is okay and an intergral part of training. It allows one to recharge his/her batteries and come back stronger and more vibrant than ever before. Her blog offers inspiration from her initial journey with fitness which is documented in her earlier blogs such as ‘The Beginning and Reality Strikes…Again among others.

  1. Yo Momma Runs

Yo Momma Runs is a fitness blog with a rather entertaining sense of humor. The articles offer insight on running especially on running solo runs. The tips are clearly collected from being in the field and running the races as opposed to only reading and hearing about it. Yo Momma is a  wife and mother of 4 children and juggling between family and finding time for fitness is quite a lesson in inspiration by itself. She is a certified RRCA running coach and can be contacted at yomommaruns@gmail.com for pricing and information. She has a number of running accolades in her cabinet and with these comes the confidence to inspire and instruct.

  1. Fit In Heels

Katy, the inpiration behind this blog, is a Physical Education Teacher and multi-purposes also as a gym teacher, Yoga instructor and has collected almost ten different certifications in the fitness field. She was also a nominee at the Fitterati blogger awards for the Best Personal Trainer Blog. Katy has also contributed in the Gorgo women’s fitness magazine.

Her blog offers important tips for prenatal women fitness workout like the ‘Badass Mutha Workout’ and many other very useful tips for expectant mothers. She also gives At-Home workout tips that help in maximizing fitness in minimal time

  1. Livin The Sweat Life with Rachelle –

This blog seeks to help others get fit and stay fit for life. Rachelle is a stay at home mum, raising two energetic boys and has a passion for fitness and healthy living. She is  certified personal trainer and an RRCA running coach and in 2012 was among the top 25 health and wellness moms. Her blog has been voted Top Health +Fitness Blog. Recently she was granted the opportunity to review ‘Runners Choice’ and will soon be writing about it in her blog. Looking forward to it!

  1. Running Atom

Running Atom is a fitness blog that offers instructions through articles on fitness, health and training tips. The contributors to this blog are Claire Bent and Dr Gabe Mirkin MD.

Claire Bent is a former Healthcare worker with Nutritional Science training. She is a mother and a freelance writer on issues pertaining to diet, fitness and health.

Dr Gabe Mirkin MD is a Sports Medicine doctor from Harvard University specializing and certified in the field of sports medicine, allergy and immunology, pediatrics and pediatric immunology. His field of expertise allow him to offer medically proven tips on healthy living.

  1. Yoga Gypsy

La Gitane offers self tutoring tips on the practise of Yoga. On the menu is the directive on great exercises to build core strength in part 1 & 2. she is a yoga student and practitioner working towards a graduate certificate in yoga Therapy. Her blog is to guide one through the session as individuals. She nevertheless issues a word of caution for the practitioners to go at it with caution, self respect and self awareness.

  1. the neuroscience academy with Dr Sarah Mckay, PhD

Her passion for Neuroscience has led her to work and labor towards making neuroscience relocatable to the common folk needing to find a a balance between the brain and health. Her goal through the neuroscience academy is to explain brain concepts to all for the purpose of motivating them into reaching their goals and accomplishing great things all for the purpose of healthy and purposeful life.