EBOLA – A New Threat Engulfing the World

urlEbola virus disease is also known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever which is a fatal illness in humans. This disease has its origin from remote villages in West and Central Africa near the rainforests and is transmitted from the wild animals to the humans. This further spreads within human making it a deadly disease. The natural hosts of this virus are Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family. The patients suffering from this ailment needs constant and intensive support and care. This rare disease causes bleeding from inside and outside the body making the patient severely weak. The levels of blood clotting cells drop and it leads to uncontrollable bleeding. People infected from this disease have very negligible chance of survival as it damages the immune system and the internal organs.

How is Ebola transmitted?

Although not a contagious disease, it has viruses in colds, measles and influenza. If a person comes in contact with the person via skin touch or bodily fluids or from any animal carrying this disease might get infected too. It then moves from one person to another in the same manner and in a progressive way. Usage of contaminated needles and surfaces are also the causes of the Ebola disease. Continue reading EBOLA – A New Threat Engulfing the World