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Breast cancer as you may already be aware is a disease where malignant cells normally form in the breast tissues. The sad thing is that approximately one in eight women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life and it is actually a very common cause of death in the world today. According to research there are different types of breast cancer and these differ in their capability to spread to other tissues of the body. There is no specific cause or it’s not fully known but there are several risk factors that have been determined. Every woman is entitled to this information and more so that they can achieve general health and wellbeing. Creating awareness and finding ways to empower women, especially those who are fighting breast cancer and also survivors is key. This has been implemented through the creation of a number of blog whose chosen niche is on breast cancer awareness. This article aims at enlightening you on the top 35 breast cancer blogs that should be a woman’s choice. There is always so much one needs to know as knowledge is power so let’s get down to an analysis of each:

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This blog is about different people talking about how their lives have been after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The main factors being discussed is that you shouldn’t give up just because you have cancer but you should appreciate that you are still alive, do what you want to do and make something good out of it. Breast cancer can make you feel fatigued but once you make the necessary changes like eating more fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods then you will be on your way towards living a healthy and happy life. The blog also talks about how there is need for diagnosing every woman, carrying out thorough research, creating awareness and supporting those women with breast cancer.[/color-box]

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In this blog, we realize that life is cruel and unfair, even though you might have many problems but others might still add on to it. It also talks about the way blogging is the best way different people can come together as a community and provide support to one another. You might have more than three cancers but you should try to be strong for yourself and seek help from friends, family, doctor or even social media. This blog encourages those who have cancer to look for people who can listen, support and help them.[/color-box]

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This blog talks about how you need to love your life no matter what you are going through or what happens. Once you have found out that you have breast cancer try to accept it, learn how to live with it and start surviving in your own terms. [/color-box]

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Tami Boehmer

This blog has testimonials of different people who are talking about how one can survive with breast cancer.  If you don’t want the easy feelings that normally make you happy to end then it is important that you stay positive. When you have cancer and there are different feelings clouding in your mind try to share them with friends or other people.[/color-box]

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This blog is about the story of Mandi who was diagnosed with cancer and went through a surgery. Mandi was honest, courageous, and tough and what she wanted was to have a good quality of life. Even though they all feared death, Mandi still made the decision of having surgery and her family supported and stayed by her side.


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This is a blog talking about the journey of different people through Cardiomyopathy into the stage four breast cancer (Liver Metastasized Breast Cancer-LMBC). It is always important to plan your life and come up with ways of coping, dealing and sharing your stories about breast cancer with other people. Through sharing you will be able to understand things that you didn’t know about breast cancer and this is what will help you fight it and learn how to stay alive.[/color-box]

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The blog is made up of a group of cancer survivors who have come together to share their stories. As you read through their stories you will notice that most people who have been diagnosed with cancer think that there is no need to live. It explains how people should understand learn about cancer before talking about it, people working in the media should educate other people about it.[/color-box]

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The blog is titled bcbecky which stands for ‘Breast Cancer Becky’ and the author set it up so that she could reflect upon her journey and share it with women who are interested in reading it. It contains tips for anyone who is newly diagnosed, about to start chemotherapy and Amazon store with products that the author has found useful. The author has also provided her detailed information to anyone that wants to talk to someone that can encourage and direct you on the right path. [/color-box]

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This is a blog where a group of people suffering from breast cancer share their stories and try to explain how you can survive with cancer. People who have suffered with breast cancer explain what they have done that has helped them to stay healthy and happy. Some people also explain how their cancer spread to their brain, skin, liver and bones.


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In this blog, people who have diagnosed with cancer share their stories and explain how they have coped with it. People who have suffered from breast cancer explain how it is important to learn from patients. It also encourages other people suffering from cancer to share their own stories and use it to shape the lives of other patients who might have given up.  [/color-box]

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This blog is more of a journey through the whole stages a person with cancer has to go through. That includes the early signs, diagnosis and treatment in general and it will help those going through the same to have a point of reference and someone t actually identify with. This kind of knowledge strengthens every part of you giving you reasons to push through and never give up. [/color-box]

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In this book you also get the opportunity to be in touch with different stories and know what cancer took away from many people. it is laid down in plain language how things unfolded and therefore giving you knowledge on what cancer victims and survivors had to go through. This should not be a discouragement but rather a lesson for each person to appreciate life while they can. A big part of it is important knowledge people should have like during and before surgery. [/color-box]

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In this blog the pain of a man who lost his wife to breast cancer touches our every part. It is therefore much about loved ones sharing the fight their close family members had to go through. Its aim I believe is to allow room for acceptance and healing specially those who had to watch people they loved suffer in silence. [/color-box]

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This is quite a knowledgeable blog that gives people a chance to learn very specific things about breast cancer and its treatment. The focus is on a specialist breast and Oncoplastic surgeon who has made the effort to provide information on the best forms of treatment and where o get it. it is an important section for those diagnosed with breast cancer or those who have loved ones diagnosed with the same. [/color-box]

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This is a shared story of real people who have been diagnosed with cancer and the kind of awareness it brought into their lives. It brings about the fact that many of us never notice or appreciate what we have until the time it is not within our reach. You will get to know that being brave is a key element in fighting cancer. [/color-box]

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This blog puts a team out there to help people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. It is about showing you where to go and who to reach out for because that kind of support is highly needed. It is more of a support group that takes you through the journey of healing. [/color-box]

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In this blog you will get to know what life after cancer feels like or what should be expected from you and from other people. First of all it opens you up to the idea that you can get treatment and get well. You will also come to the realization that s many things seem different for cancer survivors but in one way or another they should pick themselves up and let life flow as normal. [/color-box]

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This is a Canadian cancer survivor network that brings people together especially cancer victims. Its focus is on bringing meaning to life after people’s struggle with cancer and reviving every other part of them. You will get access to so many activities and events that offer opportunities for anyone to make a turnaround from their pain and know that they fought and conquered. [/color-box]

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This blog is a made up of a group of cancer survivors who understand all there is to the disease. They are out to offer help to people and that is basically from their own experience. Their main mission is to create and sustain a network or community of support to women affected by ovarian and breast cancer. [/color-box]

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This is a lifestyle blog and also YouTube series whose focus is on exploring the impact of breast cancer. It pretty much shows women some of the changes likely to be experienced and assures them it is okay. This is content from someone who lost her mum to ovarian cancer and was later diagnosed with breast cancer. [/color-box]

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In this blog you will also get first-hand information and experience of a strong woman and her journey with breast cancer. That will include diagnosis, treatment and so much more. Sharing this kind of information will help women know symptoms to watch out for and a number of other things related to breast cancer.[/color-box]

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This is a blog that partners with companies to help cancer victims through their treatment and that is mostly in terms of funds. It grew from a woman having to go through that nightmare to realize how important it is to help women. If you can offer help or need help then it could be a place for you to go to.  [/color-box]

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This blog pays close attention to the idea of creating a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow. It is basically a blog whose main content is teaching individuals to exercise healthy habits. This way you won’t end up regretting once there is something wrong with your health and come to the realization that there is something you could have done.


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This is another story of a woman who understands what it means to have cancer and the pain people feel. It covers very basic information from knowing if you have cancer and having to survive through it. It is worth your time as it allows an opportunity for acceptance and bravery. [/color-box]

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In this blog you will get to know of a mother’s journey through breast cancer and beyond. What I think of it is that it offers hope for people and lets them know it comes a time when the storm will end. One thing that will catch your eye is that the blog emphasizes the idea of people knowing the scars they have is always a reminder of how strong they are. [/color-box]

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This blog is quite educative and its mission is to enlighten people on the importance of living healthy. It offers a great learning ground for people, all derived from Tina’s journey with cancer. If you are looking for advice on how to go raw then this is the place to be.  [/color-box]

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I am sure you know about weed and the reason why cancer patients are allowed to use. This blog will teach you on that and much more mostly the experience cancer victims have to go through in general. If you want to know what happens during a cancer journey then this blog will be quite effective. [/color-box]

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This blog is more of a woman’s diary from the time they were diagnosed with stage 111A breast cancer. She tells you all that was happening in her life during that time and this is a way of making you relate with the experience. It can be very helpful for a person wanting to know exactly how that journey feels and if life can go as normal after diagnosis. [/color-box]

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The blog is a journal that is meant to help other people suffering from cancer follow the author’s path. It focuses on letting other women suffering from breast cancer know that they aren’t alone and motivates them to be positive and determined. She offers her full emotions and feelings of how she truly felt from the day the doctor told her that she had breast cancer. [/color-box]

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This is a blog about a breast cancer survivor and she wants to help other women love their lives and start living with happiness. Her blog is meant to help discuss and answer questions about breast cancer. She also talks about chemotherapy, life’s questions, survivorship, wellness and much more. [/color-box]

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The blog is about a writer that is thriving after breast cancer and how her dance with breast cancer changed her life in a more positive way. She shares how healthier, happier and more careful she is with her valuable life as well as precious life of other people. The author also describes breast cancer didn’t interfere with her career of being a writer, speaker and trainer. [/color-box]

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This blog aims at empowering youths or other people who are concerned about or are affected by breast cancer. It is thinking differently about cancer and approach of aspects such as education, advocacy, fundraising, community, resources and engagement. The main goal of this blog is to bring relevant awareness to young people and support them.[/color-box]

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The blog is about a breast cancer survivor who tells her story and shows other women that breast cancer isn’t something that is planned and women should understand that anyone can have it. The blog talks about how she was diagnosed and the way she underwent treatment from surgery to brachytherapy. She talks about the importance of having medical team and your family behind you. Her blog encourages people suffering from breast cancer to share their stories and listen to each other. [/color-box]

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It is a blog about a woman who considers herself as a cancer survivor and she came to realize that being a survivor is all about attitude. She talks about the way blogging has kept her spirit up and changed her life. the author’s mission is to inspire other people and let them know that it is possible to live a healthy and happy lifestyle after being diagnosed with cancer. [/color-box]

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This is a blog of a breast cancer survivor where a group of people come together to share and inspire each other. She encourages people suffering from breast cancer to stay informed, focused, clear and strong as it will help them move forward and overcome any obstacles. Her blog is about inspiring and motivating people to have fun, get treatment and get enough rest. [/color-box]

The 50 Best Eating Disorders Blogs of 2016

eatingdisorders-badgeEating disorders can often be a major cause for concern across age groups. From teenagers to young adults and even senior citizens at times are afflicted by bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and many related disorders that can often put them at a significant life risk. It is estimated that in United States alone, 10 million men and 20 million women suffer from various types of eating disorders. But the problem is most do not come out in the open and a mere 10% seek medical care. It is for this reason that the internet and especially blogs that discuss these issues can be very helpful. They do not force an individual to come out with their problem, yet the personal accounts add a touch of humane aspect to the whole issue.

Here is a list of 50 top blogs that can help you battle out the problems of eating and the associated disorders. We have put together the list on the basis of the quality of the content, the interval of updates, the relative relevance and type of narration. It is in no specific ascending or descending order of ranking but a collection of some of the best blogs on the topic.

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  1. Get Busy Thriving:

It helps readers transform their relationship with food and their own selves. Account of the author’s recovery from bulimia, the need to understand one’s body and battle it out helps readers connect with her instantly.

  1. Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment:

One of the most reputed blog helping individuals since 1995 in achieving recovery from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder for both men and women.

  1. Recovery Spark:

From overeating to transforming into a healthy eater, this blog provides authentic resources for the people who are facing with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.

  1. Eating Disorder Hope:

Founded in 2005, this blog’s mission is to offer hope, information and resources to individual eating disorder sufferers, their family members and treatment providers. They help individuals foster appreciation of one’s uniqueness and value in the world, unrelated to appearance, achievement or applause.

  1. UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders:

This blog mainly focuses the citizens of North Carolina, the nation, and as appropriate, the world community, in three interwoven missions: clinical care, education, and research.

  1. Kartini Clinic:

The Kartini Clinic Day Treatment Unit was created in 2004 to provide medically necessary and clinically appropriate eating disorder treatment for children and young adults. This program has been family-centered with a strong medical emphasis on prompt, adequate weight gain as a prerequisite to a resumption of normal growth and development and puts forth the message on the blog.

  1. Remuda Ranch:

Now this one tackles eating disorder at the other end of the spectrum, of women above 50 years of age. The author says that eating disorders in older women can go unnoticed because, in many cases, anorexia won’t manifest in emaciation, and bulimics can stay at a “healthy” weight or even be overweight.

  1. Eat Sanely:

From dealing with dietary addictions to eating disorders to a wide range of eating issues, recipes and eating at work, this blog covers the issue of dietary disorders in a comprehensive manner. It ranked amongst the top 50 emotional eating blogs in 2012 and 2013.

  1. Cupcakes And Cashmere:

If you are recovering from eating disorder, you just do not need personal accounts of individuals battling eating disorder. This blog help fill up that space with its dose fo a sparkling variety.

  1. Confessions Of A Compulsive Eater:

This blog is about the author’s battle with eating discovery, recovering from it, avoiding binge eating and ways to maintain weight despite healthy eating habits. Not only writing about her condition a way to tell the world about her battle but also a means to help others in a similar state like her.

  1. Snack Therapy:

It highlights the importance of snacking in tackling eating disorder and avoid unnecessary weight gain.

  1. Recovering Anorexic:

This again is the author’s account of recovering from an anorexic condition and embracing and loving oneself as they are. The engaging style of writing, the private and closed group that it is part of makes this blog group exclusive and an ideal recluse for others suffering from eating disorder.

  1. The Binge Eater:

The account of a compulsive binge eater and ways to battle with it serves as a ready guide for many others who might be suffering from binge eating. It could help them learn to redress their conditions appropriately and seek appropriate medical help.

  1. Tales Of A Disordered Eater:

It is a very comprehensive blog spot on several facets of eating disorder. From tackling this kind of disorder to healthy eating tips to seeking cognitive therapy this blog offers a complete guide.

  1. Overcome Binge Eating:

Set up by Stefanie Nielsen, this blog uses a question and answer format to respond to inquires about binge eating, food addictions, and emotional eating.

  1. Recovery Discovery:

The personal acceptance and trysts of someone tackling and striving to come out of eating disorder never fails to ring a bell in the minds of another afflicted with the same condition. With a true and candid account of her problems, she hopes to bring about relief and redressal to many others who are scared to approach a doctor.

  1. The Middle Ground:

This blog details author Joanna Kay’s fight with eating disorder and recovering from it. She feels that this blog offers a view from that middle ground to anyone who has ever been touched by an eating disorder — survivors, supporters, professionals, and anyone who simply wants to know more.

  1. ED Bites:

It shares the many tidbits that the blogger gained about eating disorder and ways that it could help those who are suffering from it or trying to recover from that condition. This blog analyses the deep connection that these type of disorders have with overall cultural and social set up.

  1. Does Every Woman Has An Eating Disorder:

This blog seeks to educate the public to look out for properly trained individuals on matters of physical and mental health. Nutrition is a science, and while it might be a hobby for some, imposing this hobby on others can have often harmful effects.

  1. Adios Barbie:

A collection of several bloggers, it takes a comprehensive view on the overall issue of eating disorder and ways to handle it. It also provides potential recipe suggestions and create an atmosphere for those who seek to garner support from fellow sufferers.

  1. And Then She Recovered:

Often your eating disorder can reach such proportion that you might consider that there is no looking back. In that kind of scenario to hear about someone who has recovered and living a healthy happy life can always give you hope.

  1. Eating Disorder Blogs:

It is now a source of the latest, exciting and clinically relevant eating disorder information authored by top thinkers in the field.

  1. Emotional Eating PDX:

Kristen Maus is an Art Therapist who is passionate about helping others address emotional eating issues. It is a rich source for folks who want to understand emotional eating issues.

  1. NEDA Feeding Hope:

NEDA envisions a world without eating disorders. It supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention and cure.

  1. Eating Disorder In Boys:

Anorexia is a disorder that doesn’t just afflict girls, it can be a problem for boys too. This blog goes onto explore the same issue.

  1. Psych Central:

From the latest news in the world of eating disorder to expert opinion and even quizzes that can help you find solution to overcome it, this blog provides a comprehensive support system.

  1. Mirasol:

The founders of this support group believe that  eating disorders are chronic stress-related conditions, and they apply techniques similar to treating other chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and IBS.

  1. A Weigh Out:

This is a collection of blogs by professionals in nutrition, emotional eating and eating disorder therapy. These include advice about addressing emotions in our lives that can affect health — and diet.

  1. Ditch The Binge:

Written by celebrated blogger, Shirley Billson, this one is all about increasing self esteem and recovering from eating disorders, especially binge eating.

  1. Feed Your Soul:

Kim McLaughlin is a solution-focused therapist who writes about eating disorders and how emotions get involved with making food choices on her blog Feed Your Soul.

  1. We Are The Real Deal:

It is created by an organisation that is committed to providing education about eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem through art and mindfulness.

  1. Let There Be Light:

It is a personal blog of a woman who has experienced disordered eating issues. She writes about a healthy body image, as well as the connections between her emotions and eating.

  1. Stop Chasing Skinny:

In the author’s own words, this blog is about finding happiness beyond the scale. It encourages readers to liberate themselves from a number or a size and share their experiences doing so.

  1. Isabel Foxen Duke:

On her blog, Isabel shares radical coaching for “not being a crazy person around food.” Her mission is to help others let go of their food and weight obsessions.

  1. Karen C L Anderson:

She writes about what happens after achieving “weight-loss success”. She talks about self-acceptance, how to truly feel your feelings, and eating mindfully.

  1. Feed Me I’m Cranky:

It documents the blogger’s transition from being consumed by her weight loss goals and eating disorder to finding a new passion — advocating for size acceptance for all.

  1. Normal Eating:

Sheryl Canter, a personal coach, to write about eating to meet emotional needs. She talks about many aspects of emotional eating.

  1. Thick Dumpling Skin:

This is  an ideal forum for Asian American men and women to come together, to share, and to discuss their relationships with food and their bodies. It enlightens them about social, cultural, and familial issues that might impact eating patterns.

  1. Nourishing By Heart:

By applying mindfulness to the discussion, Gina Ryan, a nutritionist, blogs about over eating, under eating, compulsive eating, food addictions, and more!

  1. Medicinal Marzipan:

A health coach, Mara Glatzel writes more about body image than about emotional eating and addresses issues closely tied to eating emotionally.

  1. Whitney’s Weigh:

Dr Whitney Gabhart writes about her experiences in an honest and intimate manner that encourages readers to address their own body image issues.

  1. Chew Tamers:

This blog highlights the importance of talking about and understanding emotional eating. It works to empower individuals with eating disorder.

  1. Laura’s Soap Box:

This blog documents the author’s own experience being a parent of a child with an eating disorder. This blog also works towards a better understanding of the causes of and best treatments for eating disorders.

  1. Simone Goudreau:

She is a mind-body-life coach who specializes in helping individuals make peace with food and their bodies.

  1. Beautiful You By Julie:

The blogger, Julie Parker is a life coach who works with and writes about healing from eating disorders. Her work emphasizes every person is capable of greatness.

  1. MamaVision:

This blog highlights the fact that we are all living in an eating disordered society. The blog also discusses what we can do to change this society, changing social beliefs and cultural factors that impact disordered eating.

  1. Rachel W Cole:

She writes about how women relate to their hungers, food, bodies, and weight. She looks at these topics through a professional, personal, and spiritual lense.

  1. Deeper Cravings:

This blog fosters connection with the body through the practice of presence, mindfulness, mindful eating, meditation, self exploration, art.

  1. Intuitive Body:

Lisa Claudia Briggs uses this blog to propagate the idea of balanced eating and tackling eating disorders.

  1. The Nutritionist’s Dilemma:

Elyn Zimmerman, the author of this blog, is committed to helping people with the colossal task of developing a peaceful relationship with food and eating.